UMvC3 Alt Costume/Herald Glitch (Free Swagneto Costume)

DLC/Herald Costume glitch

Have fun untill the inevitable patch comes, a glitch I found a few weeks ago and kept it secret from the Capcom police, but now it got leaked so whatever.


And yes it works for the swagneto costume


Edit: Tip, you have to press L1 as soon as it registers, if you get Color 1 after you cancel the first character you are doing it too early, and if you get color 6 you are doing it too late, it’s basically a 1 frame link.

This is so sick! I doubt capcom will patch this since they are done with marvel lol

Good job!

Well there’s one benefit to having on disc DLC.

Wait so is this basically free DLC? I haven’t bought any costumes yet as I’ve been waiting for the bundle, but I’m assuming this doesn’t work off Jill and Shuma? :confused:

so do you need to have bought DLC previously for this?

You need one past costume for the glitch to work.

I have Jill and Shuma costumes but it doesn’t seem to work.

cool, now to go get my sexy Doom legs alt…

It works off of jill and shuma! Just tested it =)

Select char with costume, go to back, check, repeat.

cool now i can have all the extra costumes and heralds colors. if only i actually had skill in this game.

Pretty useless posting this in a Marvel forum, everyone here has terrible execution, how can you expect us to pull off that 1 frame link?!

Damn, well there goes trolling stream monsters/locals. xD

BTW this also works by holding LB/1, press B/O then release LB/1.

Negative edge? interesting

ha ha ha haaaa this is amazing! no more updates for my copy!

Lol. The confusing stares must have been hilarious when I pulled that Magnus lol. This is great. Thats what you get Capcom for leaving the stuff on the disc lol.

It’s glitches like this is why I think in-game DLC is pretty dumb.

I’ll glady give up my ability to play online so I can keep this.

This makes it much easier, it’ll even teach you how slow or fast you need to go for the normal way. Only thing this method can’t get passed is your anchor can’t use an ALT/H but that’s minor.