UMVC3 Article Series. Part 1: Adaptation


I know I haven’t been on the UMVC side of the forums for a while, but I do still enjoy talking about the game/writing about it. Inspired by Viscant’s UFGTX panel about the importance of contributing to the scene, I decided to do an article series on important aspects of marvel that I felt I could talk about that are hardly discussed (even though they should be). First one is up on adaptation throughout important shifts in a match, and can be found here:

The analysis is pretty thorough and I made sure to get feedback from other players to ensure quality (Viscant read/critiqued a few drafts which I’m quite thankful for). Hope you guys enjoy!

Also, while it’s on the website’s main page and not the article specifically, thanks to Kanta-Kun for re-doing the Iron Man VS Vergil player picture for me that he made a year ago :).


Great article dude!

also, small typo: " The key to beating these types of teams is to leverage their weakness; they lack of assists to strengthen their neutral game." should be “Their”



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That’s weird. I’ll look into it (It is my website, I’m just hosting the article). Never had anyone mention it to me, but it is worth double checking.

Only guess is that a couple websites are hosted on the same server, but that wouldn’t cause an issue I’d figure.