UMVC3 "Auto Super Jump" feature ON/OFF tournament standard


There has recently been a lot of buzz about whether the AUTO SUPER JUMP feature in UMVC3 should be kept on ON or turned OFF for tournaments. What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to vote in the added thread poll. Your votes will be displayed publicly.


Off. It shouldn’t even be a question.


I will never understand how you could possibly make a shortcut from ONE directional input. How did Capcom do that?

Turn this shit off.


Off, it’s amazingly retarded and intrusive.


Wait wait, there doing shortcuts for one direction now? Oh Capcom…


Off, if you can’t Super Jump after your combos, stop playing Marvel.


This thread is almost as pointless as capcom putting in this shortcut in the first place, hell any shortcut for that matter.


I disagree on this thread being pointless, it’s important for the community to voice their opinions regarding important tournament standard rules. It’s how rules are made in the first place. Especially since this feature is set to ON as default.


I have to agree with this thread being necessary.

Even just cruising the PacNorth forums, you can see that there a lot of new tournaments popping up and most of them by first-timers. We, as the community, need to make sure that everyone that is even thinking of putting on a tournament (experienced or not) is informed about these kind of things.

People have enough time adjusting to 360 —> PS3 change and vice versa, having to adjust to that Auto Super Jump would be odd. I would hate for everyone to assume that every organizer/player has this turned OFF and find out halfway through an important match, realizing that it’s on.


I agree that this thread is necessary…

Hopefully TO’s from other regions will chime in as well.


The only time it’s useful is for charging chun li’s ex sbk. I don’t get why it’s even in the options menu and not at character select like the operation mode.


Off - if someone wanted it on, they better have a good reason for it (eg, EX SBK). And even then, it’d have to be OK’d with the other player for that specific match. If not, coin flip. Seems fair.




I get why it’s important to have a standard but I don’t get why it’s necessary that the standard be off. Sure it’s easy to do the directional input, but why is the S shortcut a bad thing? I feel like they’re both equally difficult (which is to say not at all) to execute. Having played a lot of vanilla it’s easier for me to tap up at this point so I personally don’t care since that will work either way.


What I would suggest is that it be flagrantly clear to players that the shortcut is on or off during promotions and even at the event. It won’t be a problem for tournament vets - but it would be very discouraging to a brand new player to arrive at a tournament and not realize the shortcut was turned off. Just whatever is decided make sure it is completely understood by all contestants.


In some situations you don’t want to follow your opponent up directly after a launch. It’s pretty easy to make the mistake of holding down the S for that split second longer if you’re not accustomed to the “shortcut” being on.


Im not so sure if it automatically superjumps for you, but rather it jumps toward automatically. I’m not exactly sure since we turned it off since it was bothering me as I tried for neutral positioning.





I’m actually more afraid of the accidental mishaps that are further proceeding this. Although most all of us agree that the standard should be off, UNFORTUNATELY the default of when you first pop in the game is ON. So for tournament scene there may be that console that didnt have it turned off because it wasn’t switched yet, data is missing, or maybe the tournament organizers may not even know it exists! I didnt think it was gonna be a problem for me with it on but unfortunately I’ve already been accidentally pressing S too long and have jumped up-forward at times I didn’t want to.

I feel like this may be a similar issue from vanilla. There were too many cases I’ve seen in tournament where people would lose, only to find out that the console they played on had unpatched sent :frowning: . That led me to test out c.america combos that only work in the unpatched version, during those particular tournaments. It was quite time consuming…


doesnt really matter to be honest. i dont think i ever recall doing auto super jump by accident or even notice that feature was even in the game.