UMvC3 Auto Super Jump: on off [?]


tl;dr version: Do they play with auto super jump toggled on at FGC tournaments?

I know this is probably a noob question and there has been a thread for it before, but I can’t find it because I’m like lazy, txting bitches, not really 100% sober, and trying to get these damn bold cancels down.

But I just had a random memory about me watching a youtube video of this guy getting sodomized at a tournament because he basically had been playing with the auto super jump thing on and they turned it off at this particular tourney, so all he could do was like throw round trips with Trish and try and hit confirm into round harvest. It was pretty funny.

Then the commentators proceeded to verbally rape this guy and call him a noob because he played with the auto super jump toggled on. The thing is that it wasn’t a major event.

So I plan on playing in tournaments eventually when I’m not a scrub and I don’t want to be that guy, so here’s the question for anyone that has been to a major event/consistent event like EVO, WNF, SCR, NCR, ECT, CEO, Curly Mustache,blah blah blah, Do they play with auto super jump cancel on?

It’s not that big of a deal cause it doesn’t make you jump after every S, just if you are holding up after you hit S. It’s all gravy with me, but I thought I would ask SRK so I can go ahead a break the habit soon than later.

Thanks in advance for the feed back.
The hook on this song right here: [media=youtube]LbouTdwOrVw[/media]
is MFW you think I’m stupid for asking this.


Auto Super Jump: OFF is tournament standard.
There’s not a HUGE difference as it’s either hold down a button or hit up, but when you hit up, you have more control of when your character SJs because it’s responding to your input and not your holding of an input. It’s why people like Marvel 2 tags more than Marvel 3 tags.


ok. time to break some habits!


Yeah auto-jump off, for sure. Some characters, like Spencer, rely on super-jump cancelling into other moves, and I can’t see that being very easy with the auto-jump turned on.


It actually turns out that I’ve had it toggled off all this time. I guess I changed it after I watched that stream and just forgot about it.


I play with it off it just feels more natural i guess. idk I’ve played with it off since I started playing so maybe that’s why?


Well I got the game yesturday and I didn’t know whether to play with it on or off either.

I decided to play with it on for now, since I’m brand new. Although as ‘Tha1337ness’ said I could form some bad habits this way.
Likely better to start of without than start with and then learn without.

I have just finished Super Skrull’s Missions (1st Character Hurray!), on Mission 10 there are 2 ‘Super Jumps > Air Dash’ in the combo.
On the 1st holding it was fine as the character would go up & forward.
On the 2nd, holding it was bad, the character would go up & forward, which would make the resulting Air Dash mess up. (Need to go directly upwards)

All I did was hold the 1st one and press the second one while holding up.
It came relatively easy for me.

Surely the sensible thing for tournaments would be to turn the option on, holding a direction overwrites the Auto holding of the S button.
Seems like a win/win, Unless Pro’s are prone to holding down buttons lazily. Unlikely, although I guess negative edge can be used when we start to go really deep into the system.
Also maybe tournaments hosts want everyone to manually do everything. No quabble then.

=) - That’s my day 2 thoughts anyway


Auto-super jump causes problems when people accidentally hold S while playing with characters with double jumps. It’s really not beneficial to anyone to use and as it stands that negative impact is the reason it is the primary reason it is turned off.