Umvc3 Blocking


I’m currently a pad player and I can’t seem to block well… I often think that I’m holding down-back or back, but two second later when I get hit, I get confused as to why. What tips do you have for a noob player?


Well, there are three kinds of blocking. Air blocking, low blocking, and high blocking.
Low blocking will be punished by overheads or jump ins.
High blocking will be punished by hitting low
and Air blocking isn’t stopped by anything except for throws

If someone jumps in, block high, when he lands, block low.

Some characters, such as morrigan or zero, have multiple hitting overheads, so make sure you see them LAND before starting to block low, or you’ll be punished.


just do what everyone does nowadays. Chicken block. That’s when you jump in the air and block.


Are you playing online or local matches?

If it’s online, well, online sucks. If it’s local, you’ll get better with practice.


How can I effectively practice, other than actual matches?


You could try setting the dummy to cpu in training mode and try to block all the attacks.


Some things in this game are nigh unblockable, Zero Lightning Buster Lighting Tele Buster kinda garbage, but at your level just remember the basics.

As above, block high to block overheads, block low to block lows. Both blocks will block ‘mid’ attacks

MvC3 specific stuff, In the event that you’re getting hit by an assist and a point from both sides, you only must block the point correctly. Note some assists also have ‘levels’ like C. Vipers burn kick which hits high and if done at the same time as a low is unblockable. Blocking in the air [chicken blocking’] removes the ‘levels’ and so both high and low attacks will be blocked making this effective if they cannot get to your back easily a la when your back is to the corner. This doesn’t protect you against side to side mixups however.

As far as practice goes, the CPU doesn’t really use fast mixups instead relying on psychic throws vs attacks, but if you’re having trouble just generally blocking running through arcade mode a few times on varying difficulties should be helpful.