UMvC3 Bragging Rights!

Hello this is my first ever thread post on SRK so please don’t hate me lol. Anyway I want to beat my friend soooo badly Ive beaten him before but their is still doubt that he can beat me and be ahead of our never ending Marvel battle so Ill give you my team and his team and If its up to you to find strats to help me win :slight_smile:
My Team:Wesker,Hawkeye,Nemesis/Wolverine,Frank West,Wesker or Spencer
My Friends Team: Mr.Wright,Vergil,Nemisis

Notes: My friend loves vergil pressure,Prefers to use wright for his wallbounce assist (Idr what the name of it was),Finally I never played his Nemeisis what should i expect from someone new to nemesis.

Dude if you’ve got two Weskers on your team it should be pretty free.

Lol I know it normally is but you forgetting dat finger from wright and vergils g like normals thx for the advice.

stay on wright constantly applying pressure, don’t let him get to his three pieces of evidence. doesn’t matter who you’re playing, this is a pretty straightforward, simple matchup so long as you prevent him from getting to turnabout mode.

against vergil, just bait out his attacks. once your opponent commits to a block string, you have a relatively easy time getting a hit in. vergil is only intimidating until you know that he is very unsafe when he lacks meter.

and for nemesis, just be patient and poke at him whenever you can. his moves are very easy to punish if you just wait it out. never get ahead of yourself against him, or any heavy for that matter.

Nice thx for the advice