UMvC3 Bugs and Glitches thread


Let’s keep track of these in one place. Provide as much detail as possible so that others and maybe Capcom can also cause them to happen and thus maybe fix them. Videos (with descriptions) showing the problem are also excellent. :tup:


==== FIXED =======

URGENT?: Game slow down glitch that persists until system reset
Found a pretty big glitch
Morrigan/Strider glitch

used Ouroboros and did a wall cling.Then accidently switched out.but when i switched out,Frank West was facing forward AT ME,and when i moved left or right he would either go backwards into the stage to never be seen again or he would walk forwards into the camera.
I don’t have a camera so i can’t record it,but it seems like a pretty stupid glitch.
Also whenever i switch to strider, he is fine and can move normally, but my other teamates can’t.
Really can’t explain HOW it happened.


Seems that Strider’s wall cling is causing a lot of unintended game behavior. Has anyone tried testing it with Zero’s Sougenmu?


Spencer’s Grapple vs Ammy’s Counter Glitch

Vergil’s Spiral Sword Glitch


I’m not sure if this is an intentional bug online but UMVC3 doesn’t track the players I’ve played online on the Xbox Dashboard.This means that I can’t check someone’s gamercard except right after a match is finished.This also makes responding to ragequitters more annoying as I do not have access to their gamercard to say gg/rant/complain to them


I did the Strider/Morrigan glitch and managed to get Doom to face forward, also made the game lag really hard and not load certain things like projectiles and Doom’s cape.


I had a Nemesis Sougenmu kinda glitch when I DHC from rhino charge Wesker just yelled “Nemesis” and he never appeared again, my opponent could move freely and only could continue by time over.
It was weird I did not do anything strange just a simple hyper and BAM! glitch time :smiley:

So… Nemesis is top tier he creates glitches guys! D:


This is what happens with a game made in like 8 months.


Felicia’s level 3 causes a glitch where if you mash too early during the level 3 it creates a glitch where you hear the kitty helper squeak around on screen indefinitely. You can tell even during the level 3 that the glitch has occurred because the kitty that pounces on the opponent appears early during the level 3 instead of towards the end. Which then another “invisible” kitty pounces on the opponent.

This also stops you from using her kitty helper level 1. The only way to get access back to your kitty helper if that happens is to land another level 3 and wait a second before mashing.


Videos would be nice for the glitches that don’t have one (not saying I don’t believe you, just for others who doubt it).


I have a full half hour video of the Strider one I can upload.


Go for it when you get the chance.


I can confirm this. Happened to me in training.




Alright, so I’m not really sure where to put this, it might be a glitch and it might not. Just a weird option-select… type thing I saw in training mode.



Thanks piskooooo for the glitch vid. Can you get a clip of the effects on homing fireballs and beam hypers during this state?

Also I found a somewhat comical glitch with Iron Man where you cancel his :l: Repular into his Proton Cannon. The model will be reversed so you can see his back as he fires the cannon. This also makes his pre-hyper zoom off-focus.





I started laughing out loud at skirtless Doom flying backwards off the stage and into the city.

So, is the infinite Down TAC thing from last week’s WNF an actual glitch?


A few things I found while performing the Strider/Morrigan glitch
[]Player 2’s characters can be made to face the screen instead of player 1’s. They still need to be alone, though.
]Pojectiles with a model attached to them (Strider’s robots, Sentinel’s Sentinel force) will not appear while facing the camera.
[]Characters with a flight mode can reposition themselves on the screen by flying.
]Phoenix Wright and Dante’s homing projectiles fly off the left side of the screen when they are controlled by player 2.
[]Lastly, Firebrand and Felicia’s helper hypers can only be performed once due to the fact that the helper will move away from the camera afterward, causing them to move away indefinitely. More noticeable with Felicia because her helper makes noise as she walks away. That sound now loops.
]EDIT: On certain stages, such as Demon Village, the spectators’ heads will disappear. This is likely because they have no programming for when the characters are facing the camera.


Welp, it’s no longer just the Strider/Morrigan glitch.
Firebrand can pull it off too with his wall cling.

Those are all the wall clings in the game, right?