UMvC3 Button Layout


Hi, everyone
I finally had the courage to pick up UMvC3 this weekend and I was wondering; what is the standard button layout for on a stick?


Most folks play it 3 over 3.

A-B-C (light-medium-hard)
S-A1-A2 (launcher, assist 1, assist 2)


One a TE I was using:


On HitBox I’m using:



lol this thread again?

everytime i mess with this game i use

A C A1
B S A2


I use the default Type B.


The extra buttons (if your stick has them) can be assigned to a number of things; I prefer the traditional options, dash and Crossover Combination. I manually dash though, so it’s useless but I have nothing else to put there.


:m: :h: :a1:
:l: :s: :a2:

This configuration is better suited than others for your hand movement.
Most combos can be performed with two fingers, always leaving you with plenty of space to adjust your positioning for different combos.
Bold cancels, Super Jump cancels, Hyper Grab Loops, Spiral Swords Loops, Dr. Doom mid screen loops, you name it, everything is made simpler for your hands with this config. I don’t see why they changed the standard. My guess is that it was to appeal to more anime-fighters players, but the MVC2 makes much more sense. The only “drawback” is that you need to palm your X-Factor instead of using one finger on each button, but that really isn’t that big of a deal, you’ll get used to it in no time.

You can also exchange positions of :l: and the :m: , but I personally prefer the :l: at the bottom so I can do Magneto tri-jumps MVC2 style.
MVC2 configuration FTW, the other config is lame, but everyone is already used to it, so its very common.

Anyway, this is an old discussion, though.
You can find more info here.