(UMvC3)Cancelling into SRK motion moves from Crouching normals assistance


Title more or less sums it up. Without using the SF4 shortcut, how do you all go about cancelling crouching normals into specials/supers that require a SRK motion, and getting it consistent

I know it could vary from game engine to game engine, but the main example I’m thinking of is Canceling Vergil’s Cr. H into Spiral Swords consistently. Double fireball?

I apologize for the novice question, thanks!


1 - press :d:+:h:
2 - return to neutral
3 - do :f::d::df:+:atk::atk: quickly

Don’t shortcut it.


Or, in cases where your character doesn’t have a :df: command normal (Beause this won’t work if they do).

1 - press :df:+:h:
2 - roll to :f:
3 - do :d::df:+:atk::atk:

It’s slightly faster than the above.

Shortcuts are your friend. If you learn the ins-and-outs of the input system, there’s no reason to avoid them so long as you don’t slouch on your execution.