UMvC3 Captain America Changes Thread **Only new information**



This is a thread for new information on Cap in UMvC3. This thread is not for talking about what he should have gotten or what he doesn’t have. Please just post new information that you have seen that will be beneficial to Cap users.

EDIT: Here is my UMvC3 Breakdown that covers pretty much all of the changes that Cap has in UMvC3! [media=youtube]sIGgs-pv1z0[/media]


[LEFT]well, according to several guys in the general changes thread, Cap seems to have his double jump back… now that’s really nice, doesn’t make him too strong but is exactly the improvement to his mixup that he needed IMHO[/LEFT]


Good New Captain America fans, He got buffed.


Yay. He ain’t going to be Wolverine or anything, but the buffed mobility is going to help a lot.


I can be 100% happy with faster movement alone! Sure there are other things I’d like, but being able to move faster is a fantastic addition…double jump doesn’t hurt either. :slight_smile:

Looks like shield slash got faster too, which is SWEEEEEEET!



I did see someone fighting with him when Cap did a medium ground shieldslash the shield slash pulled the character in a bit more than normal now.


Either M or H Charging star(or both) is now a soft knockdown for sure
@around 2:52 of this video


Is this for real-real? Not for play-play? FUCK YEAH!!! My main got more awesomer!!! :D:D:D:D:D


I’d LOVE to see some of Cap’s new things, but every single Cap I’ve seen on stream has been wrecked hard!!! I still have that mindse that if someone chooses Cap in this game, then they obviously know what they’re doing…cuz everyone doesn’t pick him cuz he’s ‘low tier’ right?

Apparently there are still some random Cap picks out there. I really wish I could’ve gone this year, we’d have had so much Cap on stream it’d be ridiculous!



Through it’s very likely that Ryu isn’t the only character getting a makeover in terms of balance, and ability. Remember it’s just one built of the game, it’s pretty likely that they haven’t finished with the other characters.


Very true statement, and I pray to GOD that they’ve got some more tweaking to do (just like MvC3)…cuz I really don’t want to break up Cap & Stark. :frowning:


stark has some questionable changes for his rushdown with an awkward airdash, but better options for keepaway wiht a much faster beam. BUT THEY TOOK HIS DOUBLE JUMP AND GAVE IT TO CAPTAIN FOR NO REASON. =((((((((((((((((( @ taking the double jump.

i’m not going to evo otherwise i’d be testing all of cap’s everything out for y’all there. sorry folks =(


I posted in another thread, but I have to say it again…if it takes stripping Cap of his double jump to make sure Stark still has his…I’m 100000000000000% down with that idea. While I love the fact that Cap has his dj back, it’s TOTALLY not worth it if the cost is Stark losing his! :frowning:

I’m praying this is changed in the next build.



Oh man I’m so excited to start using Capt in Ultimate. Capt’s shield slash is already fast enough… And it gets faster!? Hitting the opponent and sweet spotting them with it will be so much easier when using it for zoning!

Wondering about his assists though if they’re still completely vunerable…


Captain America and iron man have nothing directly to do with each other.

Im excited about caps new color



2 new costumes for Cap can be seen here. They’re pretty sweet.](‘’)


lol, I didn’t mean it like that! I mean if one has to get ‘worse’ for the other to get better, then I say leave that part alone.



My guess is that Cap’s shield still always returns to him and he can’t drop the shield and fight without it like he could in previous Capcom games correct?


Seems that way. Now I just wonder if his air normals will be double jump cancelable now. Probably just the the air H versions.


Kinda meh to me, but I really like the evil Iron Man one. Is the first Cap alt dark blue or black; if it’s dark blue, I’m in.

The all white Magnus is beyond sick.