UMvC3: Captain America mission 5


Hi ya’ll, so I’ve been playing UMvC3 for almost 4 weeks now. I’m using a stick currently (been using it for a week now) and even though I’ve been playing fighters with a pad for years the stick definitely feels more comfortable and inputs are easier to understand on paper for me. I’ve been spending most of my time either in mission mode or goofing off in training. My goal is to complete at least 5 missions for every character. Right now I’m stuck trying to finish mission 5 for Cap, and I can’t seem to get the Anti-ground kick to work after I do Air H in the combo. I’ve been slowing down my execution (especially when I get to S then M, M, H because both Ms used to not come out cause I’d press M either too fast or too light for it to register but that’s no longer a problem) and after I do air H I move my stick down and press H again but it doesn’t seem to register. I’ve tried slowing the anti-kick down but the on-screen movelist resets. If I try doing it faster than I normally do it still doesn’t come out. I’ve tried putting Felicia in a corner to do it but that doesn’t work either. I’ve been watching VesperArcade’s missions video for Cap and I still can’t get it down. Should I just keep practicing it until I just seem to find the timing or is there a trick? Help is extremly appreciated :slight_smile:


What the fuck man. What do you think this? A place for help?

Lulz. JK. What I do is watch videos online because sometimes I am just blattently missing the timing. Here is a link for what you are on. Hope it helps.

25 seconds in


lol thank you, I took a break for a couple hours and finally got it