UMvC3: Captain America Shield Slash L Glitch

[INDENT=1]**Updated 09 Jan 2012 Did some more testing.**[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Added “Characters this glitch affects” for glitch #1 and #2.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Added “Alternate way of getting this glitch” for glitch #1.[/INDENT]
Hi everyone, first noticed this glitch while I was doing Mission 8. It is not a ‘Mission 8’-specific glitch, it is a character(s)-specific glitch. ie. it works on Chun-li and a few other characters. I tested it in Training Mode, therefore it should glitch up during a real match.

1st Glitch info:
Shield Slash L bypasses opponent at point-blank range.

How to get it to work:
Go to Training Mode. Choose Captain America to be in your team. Choose 2 other chars, inconsequential. Now choose Chun-li, Deadpool and some other character on the opposing team.
As Captain America, stand in front of opponent, and do a shield slash L (QCF + A) really close. Do it right, and the first hit of SS L will go completely through opponent, giving him/her a free punish.

Alternate way of getting it to work:** ** Updated 9 Jan '12**
Perform a wave-dash at point-blank range in front of the opponent before throwing a Shield Slash L. If wave-dashed correctly, the resultant Shield Slash will pass through a certain character.

Why it glitches:
This problem only happens for Shield Slash L version and on certain characters. Probably due to the change in the properties of Shield Slash L in UMvC3. Plus Chun-li has a weird hit-box, I think her hit-box is too narrow. Therefore the shield just goes pass. I tried it on smaller but fatter characters, like Raccoon, Wolverine and Joe. It doesn’t happen. Deadpool also glitches up.

Other chars I’ve tested:
Ghost Rider/Zero/Jill/Shuma-gorath

Characters that this glitch affects:** ** Updated 9 Jan '12**

[INDENT=1]Unlocks after a wave-dash: (see above “Alternate way of getting it to work”)[/INDENT]
Phoenix Wright

Also, for all those who took some time doing Mission 8, there’s a second glitch.
2nd Glitch info:
Shield Slash L bypasses opponent OTG when done in the corner (you are in the corner facing midscreen).

How to get it work:
Push Chun-li to the corner. Now go to the corner. Using Cartwheel (S + Attack). Do the first 2 steps in the mission.

  1. Forward air throw Chun-li.
  2. Ground, Shield Slash L.

If done correctly, the shield slash L will miss completely. Next, the X-factor will be wasted. More importantly you will waste precious time until X-factor runs out before you can try again, or you are figuring out if you didn’t time it properly, when it clearly doesn’t work at all. (Fix this Capcom. Waste of time.)

Why it glitches:
Not sure as to why. Probably has something to do with the change in SS L. But this ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE IN THE CORNER. If you are both characters are mid-screen, of course you will be able to pull this off. Haven’t really gone through with testing on other characters.

Other chars tested:
Phoenix/ D. Ph.

Characters that this glitch affects:: Updated 9 Jan '12**
This is actually a big problem for Capn America. If anyone is up to it, can you do a video on this? Or how should this be reported to Capcom. Anyways you guys and try it.

If your combos are done differently, you can always avoid it. I can’t say it’s a huge deal

Do you mean #1 or #2?

Ah, in this specific scenario, you can backash > LShield Slash, most probably, and it would connect. Much harder, but still should be possible at most heights.

I would like to remind everyone, that there were 2 bugs found in my original post.

#1 - Shield slash L goes through characters with a ‘weird’ (thin?) hitbox e.g. Chun-li. I’m not too certain right now (can’t play with a broken X-box) but it might pass through characters even at a distance. But at point-blank range, the chars most affected are Chun-li and Storm. Others chars that have Captain’s SS. L going through them occasionally so far, as I’ve been able to test, are Deadpool and Phoenix W.(thin).

The #2nd glitch occurs (most noticably in Mission 8 and) more specifically (only, or also on thin chars?) on Chun-li. This problem affects comboes after the Shield Slash L as it goes right through an OTG’ed Chun-li (have not tried on Storm).

To add a back dash to a shield slash after a forward throw, the timing would be insane. And I’m not sure whether it would solve the problem, as you would have be in the corner, semi-corner.

Anyway, this is a problem caused after a ‘change log’.

Well, having personally never experienced this glitch once, I can promise you it hasn’t affected my cap.

My Forward throw BnB adds a backdash, because that allows him to combo it solo. I consider that normal.

yeah this isn’t a glitch, more like a slight nuisance

That’s because 2nd glitch only “works” on Chun-li, atm. And it’s quite circumstantial. You would have to be cornered first, then air forward throw her. It’s easy to see why you haven’t encountered it, because I tested it in Training Mode. But I only learnt about this recently, and still can’t understand, why does backdash xx Shield Slash L cause the shield to rebound (leading to combos), and normally it doesn’t?

Try Mission Mode 8 in the corner. The glitch doesn’t occur if you do it mid-screen.

So it only happens when you are cornered and air throw one of the most underused characters in the game? This probably literally will never happen in a real match, I don’t even know how I would air grab someone while cornered unless they messed up their mix up really badly on a post-death scenario.

Shield slash only hits on the way back dependant on spacing. When point blank, the first hit connects too early, so the one back is too slow. You need that space or it can’t self combo.

More or less, I have not (been able to) tested it on Storm. Storm was the last character I played with to have a SS. L completely go through her.
A glitch is a glitch. Doesn’t matter if it only affects Chun-li or Wesker. Minor or Game-breaking. If it’s there, it could potentially spoil the game.


You were right when you said a glitch is a glitch, you were wrong when you said it could potentially spoil the game. shrug

Updated OP. **** 9 Jan '12**

I have noticed a glitch similar to this with Wolverine/Akuma’s OTG + Tatsu game as well. Here is a description of the glitch:

  1. This is most noticeable after an air throw into the corner.
  2. Once the opponent is downed, attempt DF+M OTG and Tatsu assist. Not sure if this affects large vs small characters but I have do recall this happening mostly to Dormammu.
  3. The OTG will hit, however the Tatsu assist will pass right through the opponent, putting you on the other side (in the corner).

I have only seen this happen mid-match after catching someone in an air throw. I’ve tried to recreate in training mode to no avail.

This wouldn’t be so bad, however I’m expecting the Tatsu assist to hit so I’m already thinking about continuing the combo. Instead I whiff attacks and get punished.

Anyone else seen this? I know a lot of people abandoned Wolvie/Akuma in UMVC3 so I don’t expect many people to have seen it.

i haven’t encountered this weird hitbox issue yet