Umvc3 Captain mission 10



After the anti-air kick when does the regular “air h” connect as he’s falling or do u have to jump up again. Really lost on this one :frowning:


It took me a while to do mission 10, there’s 2 problems.

First, to answer your question yes, you have to land then jump again to hit the second air H.
It would be something like c.LMHS super jump j.M double jump j.H (delay) j.dH, land, jump HS + the rest of the combo

The first problem is the timing on the d.H, you have to wait a LONG time. the second problem is when i landed and jumped I kept getting j.uH instead of j.H
oh, and by the way when you jump the second time go straight up, if you go forward sometime ur at the wrong range for the light shield slash to hit twice, and they’ll flip out before you can dash up and S again.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


What tag does this get you - i find these less efficient combos to be difficult because i want to do them better LOL


I’ve had the same thing happen to me but it would happen at the time I cancelled SS into Final Justice. Best advice I could give anyone is to try starting the combo with their back to the wall. Amazing how this combo can start with you in the corner and end with them in the corner lol.

I agree lol. Like why do we have to time a j. H after j.H+down when we can just use j.H+up. -_-;;;


That combo is so awkward to me. I don’t much get the double jump after the j.M. Believe it or not, that’s where I’m running into my issue, it’s weirdly placed.


Seriously what’s the tag you get LOL


my problem with this mission is not being able to hit the final justice after the shield slash :/, they keep flipping out no matter what i do


Hey guys I’m gonna record all 10 missions and put commentary on them helping you through. Don’t worry help is on the way! lol


What is the title >=[



Here you go guys. A friend of mine posted this up.


But what is the title =[[[


Just got it Gimpy, “Avengers Assemble!” is the title.

You know what has to be done.


Guess ill do it then - thanks!


Remember doing this and looking at the damage and realizing that his Magic series done more damage

Quite swag for Cap though