UMvC3 compatibility

Well i’ve bought some days ago Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at, so it’s ntsc.They were going to send me the game and i wanted to cancell it because my Xbox 360 is pal and it may wont work.Then they said it wont be possible.I was going to return it but i saw a Xbox360 Regional Compatibility Guide in Play-asia.
The first version (Marvel vs Capcom 3)works over all xbox 360.---->…84-t.html#list
But Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ntsc nas not been tested yet in a pal Xbox360—>…4-1g.html#list
It will arrive on January 4 and i’ll be very gald if you can help me to know if the ntsc version will work in my pal Xbox360. EDIT:I’ve received it and I’ve tested it.I’m glad to say it works :smiley:

When you have the game and try to play tell us if works, I’m interested in know if is region free. And if you have the DLC characters of Jill and/or Shuma, tell me if they appear in ultimate or the dlc has problems