UMvC3 - completely new to FGs, where to begin improving?



So I recently got UMvC3 and it is the first fighting game I’ve played (I’m normally a SC2 player). I’m not quite sure how I should go about improving. I’ve chosen 3 characters to learn the moves of (zero, taskmaster, akuma), and I can execute very basic combos, but now I’m kind of unsure what the best way to learn is.

I’ve tried playing online against others both in player matches and ranked matches, and I get my ass handed to me equally to the point where I cannot do anything, and I feel like this isn’t exactly good practice for me. I’ve tried joining beginner lobbies, but even there can’t find anybody I can come close to competing with.

I know the training room is supposed to be a good way to learn, but I don’t even know what I should be doing in there >.<. Of course I could practice combos, but I’m not quite sure if that is going to help me when I can’t touch my opponent to get them into a combo in the first place.

So basically, how should someone completely new like me go about learning how to play better, when everyone is so far above me skillwise that all I do is get nearly perfected every game?

On another note, is my lineup of zero/task/akuma any good at all or does it even matter at my level?


Your lineup is good, do you use Akuma’s b assist?
My 5 cents: watch videos of pros and don’t forget to use assists. New players tend not to use assists and they are a very important part of the game. Also try to approach safely, don’t throw any attacks that you know they can be countered and know your opponent’s chars (if they are using Hulk or Sent watch out for the super armor normals and punish)


First things first. Don’t worry about your online record. Once you stop caring about it, you start to get better.

Do not play ranked. Stick to Player Matches. Leave sessions where you beat the opponent easily and leave sessions when you get rocked no contest. Stay in sessions where the matches are competitive - even if you’re losing most of them. This is the ideal learning environment. Take a few moments between matches and figure out what happened. Go at it again.

It can be frustrating, but it pays off.


Before you do anything hit up training mode. Go to the helpful guides on the site and write down some basic bread and butter combos (pretty much your go to combo which you’ll use 90% of the time) and practice, practice, practice. Once you can get those down look up some strategies and such and try to apply those in some online games. You’re probably gonna get rocked at first but slowly you’ll improve. Trust me my win record on SF4 when I first started was like 19%.

Another thing to keep in mind is character selection. You’re team of Zero/Taskmaster/Akuma is quite good however I would encourage you to experiment with other
characters. Who knows maybe someone else will “gel” with you.

As for assists learn to use em’ but don’t abuse em’. Assists take unscaled damage and not all of them are safe so if you’re opponent can get a combo off they’re probably done before they even begun.

Really the only way to get better is to play and things will become natural to you, but the best advice I can give is keep at it and never, ever give up.

  1. Find players on SRK to play who live relatively close to you so online isn’t 100% crappy. See the Online matchmaking threads for this. Look for people who won’t mind teaching you a few things.
  2. Best thing is to try to join a local scene for offline play where you can ask for advice in person, and play lots and lots of casuals without laggy netplay.
  3. Read the sticky guides by Syke1 and DevilJin in the main Ultimate threads. Check out this article for team building ideas:
  4. Watch tournament videos and see how top players use your characters and their assists. Look at why they do certain things in certain situations. Don’t try to emulate/copy because that isn’t learning ‘why’. Try to understand. Then attempt to apply the concepts to your team.


Learning better play in general is just a matter of playing more matches, against as many different people as you can. Ideally you learn what you’re doing wrong by playing people who are better than you. If you’re getting opened up too much, maybe you’re pressing buttons all the time instead of blocking, or maybe you’re too defensive and never switch to offense, maybe you never call assists to cover you, maybe you use unsafe attacks too much, etc. Play against people offline whenever possible, so you can actually talk to whoever’s beating you and ask what you’re doing wrong. See if you can find a local scene with weekly gatherings to attend.

To learn better setups, tricks and whatnot with your characters specifically, just watch as many matches as you can of very good players who play characters you also play. See what they do, try to figure out why it works (and that failing, you can always go to the character forums, ask about it and link the video) and try incorporate it into your game and your particular team. And, of course, visit the character forums regularly, read up on what people are figuring out. This game is still in really early stages, tons of new things are figured out every week.

One tip I usually mention to people starting out is: if you feel like you can hit combos decently in training mode but you just drop them all the time during real matches, switch up how you’re training. Next time you practice them, choose a reasonable team for the CPU and turn the AI on, then practice landing the same combos. It’ll feel a lot more like landing it in a real match than it would otherwise against a motionless training dummy, and you’ll be more comfortable doing that combo off random hits, since now the training dummy actually fights back.

Finally, while you’re learning don’t worry too much about winning. Just worry about getting better. You’re not playing at a tournament, there’s no money on the line - it doesn’t matter if you lose so long as you’re improving. When you play matches, just have a goal: focus on whatever you’re working at the time (be it mixups, resets, a particular combo, throwing, whatever, it could be anything) and just worry about doing that right. Once you’ve got that figured out, you move on to the next thing, and so on.


nice tips/


I can already tell you are 1 step ahead of 99% of the new players that come here asking for help.

Setups, mixups, practicing your different hit confirms etc. are just as important if not more important than learning combos. Starting off they are much more importants because combos are essentially useless to learn if you can land a hit and confirm that you did it.


well you can always practice your team synergy, when you throw out an attack with zero and the opponent blocks it i would call the taskmaster forward shot assist or akumas tatsu assist and use zeros command dash to cross up opponent, you should focus on block strings and use zeros megabuster often to land hits. Since your a beginner any amount of damage you do to the opponent is important and not just combos.
You should look at videos of what other characters can do in terms of match-ups against your character. Example a Wesker player doesnt like to press buttons against Zero player but would gladly press buttons against a no x factor akuma.

when you found the synergy between the assists using Zero, you go to Taskmaster and see if you can do akumas tatsu before the end of a combo, it would open players up if they believe your blockstring is over. you can repeat until you find more team combinations that would help protect your character.

another strong tip is questioning during the battle, how to prevent getting hit by etc, what could have helped me win this battle etc. what normals beat opposing characters normals, how to prevent being randomed out by some xf3 character doing random supers till victory -.- (Dorm, Akuma, Taskmaster,etc)

“It doesn’t seem as the opponent likes to get near me and would rather run away shooting projectiles than fight, what moves / what character can deal with this type of situation” Something like this you’d probably charge Zero’s megabuster over his Handangi because of speed and durability, Taskmaster can shoot while moving forward and his super creates a barrier from damage and Akuma Gohadoken into super is pretty damaging and would probably cause the player to be more patient between attacks so it disrupts their gameplan. "This person’s character is intensely rushing down, what tools do i have to turn the tables"
Right here youd probably want to advance guard while charging the megabuster with Zero although Zero has some crazy normals with alot of priority and range and is worth throwing out his medium if the opponent isnt protecting his rushdown with good assists, for Taskmaster people usually calm down the tone of their rushdown because they are afraid of getting happy b’dayed by Shield Skills (charging star) its really strong move with super armor and priority and it leads into a full combo so if the person cant protect the assist, you get a free character, Akuma can x-factor block cancel out of an unsafe move land a free kill on any character giving you trouble, im assuming he’s your anchor for lv3 XF anyway so this should be your gameplan for people who rushdown.

“This guy keeps changing freely from rushdown to keepaway at an effective matter almost showing no weakness” this is very rare, this usually means the person is really good at mix ups at first glance, to play games with that person you need to constantly switch up your playstyle when he changes playstyle and also you need to know match ups against characters the most like Magneto, Mag can rock someones world with his tri-jump madness and it all comes to whether your able to block attacks successfully and not go for anything risky. But yeah your team can punish assist characters from full screen without fear of being damaged and it should be in your gameplan since everyone spams assist dont you agree? lol
Also dont hesitate to XF early, remember that its a “team” game, if you have opportunity to cripple a persons assist waste the XF, or if your about to die to chip and your next character isnt looking so great with less than half in the red health department pop it in also cause you dont know if that decision keeping that character alive by 50% could end up helping you win the match.