UMvC3 Connection Issues Thread

Sup everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted a thread on anything on SRK. Thought i’d come here for some solid info on the issue. Maybe a focused discussion.

I was wondering guys if there is anything we can do to improve our connection issues here in the west personally.

The problem im running into is how frequent I get matched up with players. Which is to say, hardley.

Im running into the same problem I did in vanilla in H&H mode mostly, where I try to connect with someone and it fails consistantly. I’d say it fails probably 80% of the time and it’s rare to get consistant connections with anyone. This is both Locally and open wide. This happens in regular rank at times too but not as much as H&H.

Im wondering if my NAT settings may have something to do with it, my firewall, or even my IP. I find it silly that I cant’ find matches that infrequently.

The problem presist in searching for some rank matches in SSFIV but not as bad as MvC3 at all.

Lag is one thing but I just wish I can connect with the world more often. Kind of silly I can’t connect with the world who is all online no matter how many times I search a game.

So chime in on your opinons, suggestions. Thanks.

Please note i’d like to keep the Capcom bashing down to nil. We can be adults as we try to get to the bottom of the problem.