UMVC3 direction input question

Hey guys sorry if this has been addressed, however I am not new to fighting games and I am not anything amazing ether however, I’ve always been able to perform all the moves.But recently I started to play UMVC3 seriously and something I noticed on my direction inputs in training mode is whenever I do a z motion or the dp motion I have 4 direction inputs instead of 3 and its just really annoying me. The inputs are forward, downforward, down, downforward. I mean the move comes out everytime but still noticing this makes me worry about how it may effect more advance combos in the long run as I progress skill wise. And I think I’ve been doing it this way for so long that its like starting over trying to retrain myself to do it with 3 inputs instead of the extra downforward. Any insight on this would be helpful or maybe someone could test themselves and see if they are getting 4 instead of 3 also.

That’s a strange one I usually end up with down back. If your move is still coming out I’d say don’t worry to much. Dp is probably the hardest one to get right. Don’t think it will hurt your long combos top much in my opinion.

Yea I realize its strange and so it had me pretty worried.

Are you dragging your stick or d-pad around the edges? A lot of players tend to ride the gate, and just move your stick along the circumference of your gate to do certain motions. It’s a bad habit, and one that can often lead to execution errors in critical moments, or in different games with less input leniency. Try to move your stick directly from the forward position to the down position, without hitting any of the edges.

Thanks for the tips and yes I am using a TE stick with a square gate and have been riding the edges of it. Man this is gonna be hard to break this habit

It’s difficult, since many people tend to take advantage of input leniency. Doing a z motion for a newer player is extremely difficult, its a very awkward motion to get used to performing on the middle of a match, especially on reaction to your opponent’s moves. The only way to get it down is through repetition and hard practice, but once you do, you won’t even need to think about it during a match. Your muscle memory will know how to do it, and you can focus on what’s really important, which is what your opponent is doing.

Also, since you’re reducing your motion down to 3 inputs instead of 4, you’ll be able to do it faster. It’s only by a split second, but fighting games ALWAYS comes down to split second decisions and reactions.

So even if its super hard for me to do it with 3 motions i guess over time I will learn not even hit the gate but still i hear the click and i move down then downforward and always get the extra input. But practice makes perfect right? Anyway thank you for the input. I guess also thinking about it instead of just doing it is a way to mess it up also.