UMvC3 (DLC) and MvC2 soon to dissappear from PSN and XBLA stores


Better get your Jill and Shuma before they get “banned” for life…
Does anyone know the story here? This seems real odd… Is it a license issue with Marvel? Can’t Capcom keep up with hosting costs?
If this is the future for digital gaming I’d rather go back to full physical copies :confused:


RIP Marvel.



does that mean UMVC3 won’t have an online mode anymore?


Nothing is said about that, so I don’t think so…
But it’s a weird move overall imo


Did it have one before? Kappa


Back to the Disney vault you go.


Only a half price discount? Better than nothing I guess.

…Well either the AU PSN Store hasn’t updated or we’re not getting the discount.
R.I.P. $7.35 Mystic Ray assist.


Yeah, no sale for us eu and aus players


I thought Capcom had already lost their license(or whatever is causing them to pull the downloads), seeing how they haven’t touched UMVC3 in God knows how long.


Hopefully it’s some sort of a sign that they are now focusing on a sequel? And not just giving up the MVC series. But now I those physical copies might become a rare gem down the line like MVC2 was back in the ps2 days.


They wouldn’t pull the games if they were focusing on a sequel. That’d just lose them money.

This happened back in the day with Marvel 2. We’ll see a MvC4 one day, the franchise is too popular for it not to happen.


nvm I guess it is gonna be discounted. I might pick it up.

nvm again, it looks like that’s just the dlc that’s going to be discounted.

That’s what I like about PC gaming, the games never just disappear. Too bad this game didn’t make it to PC.


Let’s just be happy that UMvC3 ended up a physical release as it did.
Originally the UMvC3 cast was planned as DLC for vanilla Marvel… Imagine that…


Won’t this mean Shuma and Jill would have to be banned due to being unobtainable?


poor angelic, if what Luna says actually becomes reality.


No, because people have had plenty of time to get them.

I’d say it would be more unfair to ban them.


I have a quick question, hoping anyone can answer it. I currently have the disc version and I’m not able to download the game from XBL. I want do this just in case I lose the disc or whatever.

Does anyone know how to get the digital version? Do I uninstall every bit of UMVC3 data on the 360?

Thanks a bunch


But still, think of the future generation.
There’s a reason that you can’t use cards from 10 years ago in MTG or Pokemon TCG Organized Play

Imagine if Jill and Shuma had some secret top tier tech, but you didn’t buy the DLC or re-download it on time(if applicable).

You’d be locked out forever.

New 360/PS3?

Locked out forever.

Data got deleted?

Locked out forever.

My point is, there are too many situations where people would be locked out from the DLC forever, or didn’t buy it in time so they’d be locked out forever, which means they can’t even practice/use the characters because they’re not available anymore.

It’s not like Pokemon where if there’s an event Pokemon, Nintendo will eventually re-release it in a new game or something.

You saw how long it took them to make Marvel 3? You see how many people want an update? You see how there’s no update in sight? Jill and Shuma will never be available again, unless Capcom does the right thing and makes them free forever


The only reason I can see shuma or jill possibly being banned not an actual ban is because certain streams don’t even have jill/shuma on the console when certain a few select people want to use them.


I’m sure with the ‘future generations’ the X360 will be busted open about as well as the Dreamcast was. Shuma, Jill and even Magneto’s alt costume will all be within our grasps, with the possibility of fruity palettes and custom soundtracks a la MvC2.