UMvC3 DLC and MvC2 to leave the stores? or typo?


So here…

The headline
Last Days for UMVC3 and MVC2 on PSN/XBLA Store

But the article mentions:

I don’t see anything about MvC2 in the article.
I posted on that thread, emailed Combofiend and tweeted to both Fiend and Capcom Unity and got no response…

Anybody know the truth?


I love MvC2, but this new is very upsetting. :frowning:


Same here.
I mean, if they took the game down, I understand. But I’m confused with the headline saying MvC2, but they only mention MvC3 in the text. Was it a typo, or did they just leave the MvC2 part out?


When does the 50% off discount happen? Im gonna get Jill because i already wanted to try her, but why would i pay $5 when i can pay $2.50 a few days later? Im on xbox btw. I heard the sale is already going for PSN


Jill and Shuma are currently free on PSN.
I just checked. ALl of the costume packs are $1. All of the costums in a bundle is $9.99!/en-us/games/ultimate-marvel-vs-capcom-3/cid=UP0102-BLUS30787_00-ULTIMATEMARVELVS%3AADD-ONS!/en-us/games/addons/ultimate-marvel-vs-capcom-3-value-pack/cid=UP0102-BLUS30787_00-COSTUMEPACK00012!/en-us/games/addons/marvel-vs-capcom-3-additional-character-jill/cid=UP0102-BLUS30410_00-CHARACTERPACK001!/en-us/games/addons/marvel-vs-capcom-3-additional-character-shuma-gorath/cid=UP0102-BLUS30410_00-CHARACTERPACK002


I’m assuming by this week.


I just posted this.
The sale ENDS on Tuesday.


I’m not sure if it’s a typo, sorry.


Nothing to be sorry about.
I honestly don’t know if anyone would know… But Fiend didn’t answer and nobody on CU seems to know.

@d3v, know anything?


Disney bought Marvel, right? So, my only guess is that Capcom 's Marvel license is coming to an end.


Yeah, that’s what everyone thinks too.


I will NEVER EVER delete MvC2 from my PS3, because I will cherish this game forever.


That’s weird… If Disney is pulling licenses from Capcom… Ducktales next?




More like whatever contract they had for MvC2 and MvC3/UMvC3 is coming to an end. MvC:O is probably under a different contract, which is why it’s not being pulled.


No, they arent. 50% off discount though.


Hmm, might have just been a day or two. I picked them up last Tuesday and I know they were free because I have zero dollars in my account and haven’t put money in since i went Plus.


Crap I lost my chance of getting them for free. Well I got a copy of MVC2 at least


Looks like it was a typo. Combo edited the post. Mvc2 is being pulled off too.


FYI, this was a comment. IDK accuracy.

Hey, quick update, though I’m sure there’ll be a blog post about it. Major Nelson posted the deals & starting tomorrow, the following deals will happen:

UMvC3 = 83% off = $5.10
Value Pack = 75% off = $5
Shuma/Jill = 75% off = $1.25 each

So yeah, should be $12.60 total for everything. Also, MvC2 will be 75% off as well, making it $3.75, same as the PS+ cost on PSN.