UMVC3 DLC from another persons Xboxlive account


Is this possible. Has anyone tried this?

If I find a friend who purchased the DLC characters and costume pack for his UMVC3 through xbox live can he sign on to my xbox 360, and redownload them to my system via his account page?



Why don’t you just try it yourself? There’s zero risk involved.


Unfortunately , I’m still looking for someone that has it.

Which is why I wanted to see if anyone had tried it yet in case it doesn’t work.

If anyone is willing to let me try can you private message me please? I’ll make a paypal donation for your trouble, and we can work it out over the phone.
Wish Capcom didn’t make it so difficult =/


If your friend did a license transfer of his account onto your console then you could download his dlc from his account. If you don’t do a license transfer, then you wont be able to access the dlc unless your friends account is signed in on the same console.


Great, thanks for the info


Just a small warning but it’s against the the Xbox Terms of Service for account sharing but you should be fine, it’s not high risk