UMVC3 DLC ideas. "The Break Out"


Just to let everyone know. I’m just a regular computer technician that loves this game. I don’t know the process of making a DLC nor have the ability of making DLC for a game.

While everyone was pissed that they teased the crap out of us in the stage “Days of Future Past.”

I believe that they should work on this game more. Given the right ideas and motivation from the community, this game can get bigger and better. I for one love this fighting game and if I had the ability to work on this game to improve it. I would quit my job and everything to do so.

That being said, the idea that I have came up with is cost effective and from my gaming design buddies simple to do compare to releasing a whole new game. Doesn’t even require one to remake the whole game.

New characters like, the most anticipated, MegaMan already has a skin. Instead of releasing a new slot or new layout in the character select screen. Just remap the buttons and skills to allow us to play another character without the hassle of making a whole new design.

Also I would like a DLC that is called “The Break Out”

As everyone knows about the Cock tease poster in the stage “Days of Future Past,” this can allows the developer of the game to release characters that was on the poster that was either apprehended or no where to be found.

Story: The ones that broke out the the captured hero; Gambit, Colossus, and etc. can be characters such as Mega Man and more. I don’t believe that these Heroes are able to be captured and not be able to from together and break out. Ergo the DLC “The Break Out”

I can write up a story if anyone is interested in this.

While most of this is Marvel. I love Marvel and believe that it deserves a awesome fighting game.

So what you guys think? Please discuss the characters that would be the ones being broken out or the heroes and heroins that help the heroes that are captured break out.

I will have this edited a couple times if I see any mistakes. Just for warning, I’m a Math nerd not a English Major LOL.

My name is Johnson Nguyen and this is my idea for a DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 called "The Break Out"
I live in Houston, TX and I’m willing to play anytime.


I noticed that you capitalized the word ‘Cock’

that’s all I have to contribute.


SIlver Surfer, don’t CARE if he was in any other Marvel game or not, dont CARE if he wasn’t teased at all. I just want someone with a decent beam that’s NOT MODOK and I’ll be fine. Give him a beam and a fast flight and a fast 8-way air dash but give him crap health with really slow normals. Silver Surfer in this game would be my crack. I don’t even know if this is going to work or not. Also put in this badass motherfucker in.


I’d love for it to happen, but it won’t.

Put Ken in the game and make him like the Mugen version.


I’m happy you actually read it haha.

Silver surfer would be an awesome addition to the list, but I’m more of an Ice Man fan. I enjoyed playing him in MvC2, so I’ll really like him to be one on the list to be added to the DLC. Proto Man is a good one too. They should really add more heroes from the Mega Man world though.

I don’t even know why they didn’t even add ken in the first place. Haha