UMvC3 Event Q&A/FAQ Thread


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Official Website
Gamespot Costume Breakdown

Gameplay Videos and Analysis:

Maximilian’s Character Breakdown Parts 1-5:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (Nem and Strange)

Maximilian’s Gameplay Breakdown Parts 1-5:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Sumoslamman’s Nemesis Breakdown and Analysis (Really detailed)


Bitmob vs Seth Killian (Mixture of UMvC3 and SFxT info)

Events/Character Reveals:

Announcement Trailer
Ghost Rider Reveal
Strider Reveal
Firebrand Reveal
Hawkeye Reveal


Official Gamescom Trailer
Doctor Strange Reveal
Nemesis Reveal
Doctor Strange vs Nemesis Trailer
Nemesis vs Doctor Strange Trailer
Doctor Strange vs Nemesis Trailer 2 (Featuring Strange vs Dormammu)
Seth Killian - Dr. Strange Breakdown
Seth Killian - Nemesis Breakdown
S-Kill and Niitsuma Gameplay + Character Selection/Balance
Hawkeye Poison Arrow testing
Iron Man Testing/Changes
Nemesis Testing #1
Nemesis Testing #2
Nemesis Testing #3
Nemesis Testing #4
Nemesis Testing #5
About 3.5hrs of Gamescom Match Footage Courtesy of rraimannjr


Seth Killian Walkthrough
Seth Killian Interview (Some narrowly focused info)
Team Khaos Match Collection



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Character Specific Information:


  • Health decreased to 750,000.
  • Decreased priority of Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.
  • Increased horizontal knockback range of Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.
  • Hyakkishu can be done in the air.
  • Additional hits can be added to Messatsu Gohado (all versions) through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Tenma Gozanku (all versions) through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Raging Demon through rapid buttons presses.
  • Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H).
  • Decreased hit box size of M, cr.M.
  • Increased active frames of cr.M.
  • Stance change is possible in mid-air.
  • Increased active frames of charged Thunder Edge.
  • Sword portion of Glaive Chop causes knockdown.
  • Decreased untechable time of Assist β (Cold Star).
  • Additional hits can be added to Divine Instruments through rapid button presses.
  • Health increased to 850,000.
  • Changed falling speed of j.S.
  • j.S can OTG.
  • Added starup invincibility to Heavenly Slash.
  • Increased untechable time for first hit of Hellbound Slash.
  • Additional hits can be added to Goddess’ Bracelet through rapid buttons presses.
    Captain America
    -Double jump added
    Chris Redfield
  • Can act immediately after a dash.
  • Increased float of cr.H.
  • Decreased startup of j.S and increased active frames.
  • Normal gun moves, Low Shot, cr.H, Air Low Shot can be empty canceled.
  • Minimum damage scaling on special attacks has been increased.
  • Increased active frames of Shot Gun.
  • Decreaed damage of Shot Gun.
  • Decreased untechable time of first hit of Combination Punch H.
  • Decreased gap of Prone Shot.
  • Machinegun portion of Sweep Combo can OTG.
    Chun Li
  • M, cr.M can be jump canceled.
  • Yosokyaku can OTG.
  • Slightly increased priority of Hyakuretsukyaku.
  • Adjusted so Kikoanken is easier to perform.
  • Decreased startup of Tenshokyaku.
  • Increased untechable time from last hit of Tenshokyaku.
  • Can act after an Air Tenshokyaku.
  • Lowered arc of Air Tenshokyaku L.
  • Added new move “EX Spinning Bird Kick.”
  • Additional hits can be added to Kikosho through rapid buttons presses.
    C. Viper
  • Increased feint input timing slightly for L and M versions of Thunder Knuckle.
  • Slightly decreased forward moving range of Thunder Knuckle M.
  • Untechable time from Thunder Knuckle H decreases with combo length.
  • Added new move “Optic Laser”
  • Increased knockback for all moves.
  • Adjusted hit stun time and float heights for all moves.
  • Decreased minimum damage scaling on normal and special attacks.
  • Decreased hitbox size of L and M.
  • Lowered float of Clay Pigeon.
  • Decreased cancel time during startup of Bold Move.
  • Commands that were performed through repetitve joystick motions can now be done with a single additional button press.
  • Increased invincibility frame startup on The Hammer, and decreased total invincibility frames.
  • Decreased damage of Volcano-Beehive.
  • Slightly increased horizontal knockback from Beehive.
  • During Devil Trigger, Dante can now triple jump and double air dash.
  • Additional hits can be added to Million Dollars through rapid buttons presses.
    Doctor Doom
    -Faster movement
    -Foot dive has a more vertical angle, probably for easier relaunch.
    Doctor Strange
  • No Air Dash
  • His Lvl3 Hyper projects and astral image of himself. Does not look to be a grab
  • Traps stay after getting hit, as well as after tagging out. (As seen on Gamescom stream)
    -Air Liberation, Power of the Creator, Power of the Destructor
    -Faster teleports
    -Overall movement speed seems faster (needs more confirmation)
  • Untechable time from Toy Touch decreases with combo length.
  • Rolling Buckler no longer automatically tracks towards the opponent.
  • Delta Kick can be done in the air.
  • Third hit of Air Delta Kick causes ground bounce.
  • Decreased total frames of Sand Splash (all versions).
  • Sand Splash can OTG.
  • Decreased total frames of Kitty’s Helper.
  • Additional hits can be added to Dancing Flash through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Please Help Me through rapid buttons presses.
    Ghost Rider
    -Many of his normals have almost full screen coverage, Seth Killian likened him to Dhalsim in some ways.
    -Seems that both of his Lvl. 1 Hypers can OTG
    -While I have yet to see it followed up, pressing S during his Bike Hyper will cause it to pop a wheelie and can launch a player and either DHC or follow-up combo.
    Iron Fist
    Iron Man
    Jill Valentine
  • All attacks float a little higher.
  • Slightly decreased forward moving range of cr.M.
  • Slightly reduced hit box sizes of all jumping attacks.
    -Seems to be getting revamped, slower movement speed with more projectile/zoning focus. Developers want him to be more “true” to his comic self
    -New Repel/Attract/SIT THE F DOWN move allowing for better space/zoning control
  • j.H, j.S priority has been slightly increased.
  • Increased frame advantage after all her throws.
  • Increased damage of Soul Fist.
  • Increased untechable time on a normal Soul Fist hit, but time decreases with combo length.
  • Added new move “Soul Drain.”
  • Decreased total frames for Flight.
  • Additional hits can be added to Finishing Shower through rapid buttons presses.
    -Has a wave dash (As seen on Gamescom stream)
    -Hyper armor on punch combo Level 1 is insane. Punched right through an XFC Bionic Arm from Spencer like it was nothing on Gamescom stream
    -Rocket Launcher Level 1 Hyper tracks. If activated on falling target (like from Okami Shuffle) seems that the first rocket and each consecutive will miss due to tracking and travel distance.
    Phoenix Wright
    Rocket Raccoon
  • Can act immediately after a dash.
  • Minimum damage scaling on normal attacks has been increased.
  • Collarbone Breaker can be canceled.
  • Added new moves “Ren Hadoken,” “Baku Hadoken,” “Hado Shoryuken.”
  • Added new move “Hado Kakusei.”
  • During Hado Kakusei, Shinku Hadoken becomes “Shin Hadoken,” and Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku becomes “Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.”
  • Additional hits can be added to Shinku Hadoken (all versions, including Shin Hadoken) through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (including Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku) through rapid buttons presses.
    -Normals and Specials got a slight/variable speed increase
    -Walk speed seems slower (need some further confirmation)
    -H Slide distance shorter
    -Emerald Cannon distance increased, as well as having a directional change mid-screen
    Shuma Gorath
  • Increased movement speed of Zip Line.
  • Spencer will float higher during Zip Kick.
  • Slightly decreased initial startup of Armor Piercer.
  • Added new move “Bionic Bomber.”
    Strider Hiryu
  • Chain combo M -> cr.M -> cr.H or H is now possible.
  • Can perform Trick “Hopscotch,” Trick “Peekaboo,” and Round-Trip only once per jump.
  • Decreased total frames of Air Raid.
  • Air Maximum Voltage can OTG.
  • Additional hits can be added to Maximum Voltage (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.
    Tron Bonne
  • j.H causes greater knockback.
  • Increased down time from a normal throw.
  • Gustaff Fire is cancelable.
  • Increased jump cancel time of Gustaff Fire.
  • Untechable time from rock pickup part of Bandit Boulder decreases with combo length.
  • Can cancel after throwing the rocks in Bandit Boulder.
  • Increased minimum damage scaling of special attacks.
  • Servbot Launcher (all versions) can be rapid fire up to three times in a row.
  • Lowered float of ground Bonne Strike.
  • Untechable time from Air Bonne Strike decreases with combo length.
  • Fixed Bonne Mixer and Shakedown Mixer so they can come out on an empty cancel.
  • Removed invincibility from Assist β (Gustaff Fire).
  • Additional hits can be added to Servbot Surprise through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Shakedown Mixer through rapid joystick rotations.
    Updated Shortly, with more accurate information
    Viewtiful Joe
  • Reduced hittable area when in the air.
  • Increased priority of j.S.
  • Slightly increased range of ground normal throws.
  • Reduced total frames of Shocking Pink.
  • Shocking Pink will not explode when sliding between buttons, and it cannot be juggled.
  • Added new move “V-Dodge”
  • Air Desperado can OTG.
  • Additional hits can be added to Mach Speed through rapid buttons presses.
  • Health decreased to 1,000,000.
  • Damage and speed increase as his sunglasses get damaged.
  • Decreased startup of j.M.
  • Decreased float of Samurai Edge (Horizontal Fire).
  • Adjusted untechable time for all versions of Samurai Edge.
  • Phantom Move can be performed after Cobra Strike.
  • Decreased attack startup time of Jaguar Dash and increased active frames.
  • Increased damage of Jaguar Kick.
  • Increased hit box of Tiger Uppercut L and M.
  • Oppponent cannot tech after wall bounce from Tiger Uppercut M and H.
  • Increased invincibility frame startup of Rhino Charge.
  • Additional damage scaling is added after a successful Rhino Charge, so damage is decreased on extra hits.
  • Additional hits can be added to Lost in Nightmares (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.
    -Swiss cheese mash attack works much the same as tenderizer
    -Berserker Slash slower and no longer invincible
  • Health increased to 830,000.
  • Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H).
  • Slightly increased horizontal air knockback from Shippuga.
  • Applied limit on number of air Hyper Zero Blaster that can be performed in one jump.
  • Can cancel moves into Max Hyper Zero Blaster (except for Hyper Combos).
  • Max Hyper Zero Blaster no longer causes untechable knockdown.
  • Ground recovery time increased after Sentsuizan.
  • Changed angle of Sentsuizan H.
  • Raikousen will go behind an opponent in the corner.

Still compiling info from my time at NYCC, will update this soon.

Henshin A Go Go, Baby! Viewtiful Joe Thread
ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - OFFICIAL


Nemesis Assists, Range of LVL3, different Versions of Rocket Launcher Shots, and the range on ALL command grabs(Check if unblockable, too). Guile’D


Assists for Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, Fire Brand, and Strider


Assist for everybody new. New alternate colors.


  • Can he cancel Setsuizan or Raikouzen with a lv.3 buster?
  • Does command dashes seem slower?


  • How much faster is j.:h: is? Can you sj than forward or back air dash into j.:h: and is it fast enough so that the beam comes out? (kind of like MVC2).

  • Does j.:s: still causes a ground bounce?

  • Kef


Check for invincibility/super armor on any of Nemesis’ specials and normals/command normals, also check if tentacles are hittable and if they destroy projectiles or not. Grape



I doubt he will be, but if he is…

Other than that. I want to see more Ghostrider/Strange/Nemesis info.


I’m guessing you can’t make it to NY fight club? It would be nice having other SRK’ers report character changes there. Any info requests regarding V. Joe, Ghost Rider, or She-hulk should be directed towards me for now! :slight_smile:


-Thor’s normals (are they still ass)
-Anything X-23 related (talon dives, is her level 3 still unblockable, are her loops still intact)
-Wolverine (is his still retarded)
-Does Storm do seemingly more damage
-Anything Firebrand related (assist, first impression, comparison to other character, etc)



Weskers new move where he throws his sunglasses at the opponent and receives a speed boost. the inputs and overview would be nice. thank you.


Chun-Li: Does Kikosho( :qcf::atk::atk: ) OTG? Do any of her moves OTG?
Ryu: Ryu’s Hadoken and Tatsu assists while he’s powered up in Denjin Mode( :d::d::atk::atk: )


Check on Hsien-Ko for speed changes on movement and attacks, combos involving her multi-hit attacks (Pendulum, j.:h:, s.:h:) to see how severe her hitstun decay is, is canceling out of Pendulum possible via :s: or otherwise, test duration of Rimoukon.

Test range on Nemesis’ Lv. 3, test his health with a few different characters to see if it’s as low as we think it is. BONUS: See if he says “S.T.A.R.S.” or has a special opening with the RE characters.

Test Tron’s Servbot Launcher to see if it shoots any faster.

I’m sorry it’s a lot, but whatever you test, thank you. Noble Cactus


Somebody just make a UMvC3 Q&A thread plz. In a similar format as the old one. PM me when complete and I’ll sticky it. It’ll be nice to keep it organized this time again.



I can change this over to that, or just sticky this one. Though it’s relatively specific.

Also I’ll be updating the list before I sleep tonight.

I’m working on converting this over to a general QA thread, go ahead and continue with the requests while I get everything else compiled.

  • Nemesis: check if his tentacle specials are command grabs, or if they can be blocked. My theory is that there are some long range tentacle normals, but he also has command grab ones.

  • Nemesis: test if his punch rush super has super/hyper armor (like does it last the entire attack or just the first hit or two?)



Check if the medium TK feint on hit is still 1 frame link.

And if they show Iron Fist, please tell me everything @____@

EDIT: Also, check how broken air liberation is with Dormammu lol


fixed title


Thank you good sir. I should have the format and such set later this evening.


Akuma’s tatsu -> Still giant retarded beats everything invisible hitbox surrounding his whole body? Still recover so fast that you can just mash cr.L xx another tatsu after it with no chance of any non-invincible assist or other attack to stop it?

Chun’s Legs -> Still crazy random ass hit boxes flying all over including somehow behind her, above her head, and 1/2 character distance in front of her past where her sprite stops?

Dante’s Gun Super -> Final hit still have a hulk+juggernaut size invisable hitbox surrounding his whole body so that even if you block it and teleport above his head as the final blast thing goes off you get magically hit by the air near him?

As you can tell I think the hitboxes in marvel 3 are the best ever! They all totally make complete and utter sense. Certainly not troll worthy by a long shot.


[S]Spider-Man: Niitsuma said his “webs” are faster and he can cancel his specials into “webs” but made no indication WTF he meant by “webs.” I’m assuming it’s his web glide (UB,UF,DB or DF+H+S) but a definitive answer would be nice.[/S]

She-Hulk: How much armor does she have in her new special? 1-hit? 3-hits? Also does she recover fast enough for any sort of followup?

Hulk: How much armor does he have in his new special? 1-hit? 3-hits? What are the effects of charging it? Does he recover fast enough for any sort of followup?

Spencer: Does the floating state his Death From Above new special puts the opponent in count as your 1 ground-bouncer per combo?

Storm: Can she still call assists while floating?




She can do air specials into other air specials. I think that some guy did air crescent scythe into L talon dive.