Umvc3 evo 2k11 footy

So I’m just gonna look around and put all the vids I find in here. And anyone else can post up new vids. Just so they’re easier to find for everyone who wants to see gameplay.

And if you took the footy and don’t want it here or want credit just let me know. < this guy’s channel is full of umvc3 vids

this is from SDCC, it’s mike ross, clock, and shady k. There’s a lot of talking, mostly about the game, but there’s some good matches too.

big ty for this, i was kinda bummed that sc5 and ttt2 got streamed and no umvc3 :confused:

some changes I noticed:

X-23: can cancel air crescent scythe into other air specials (unsure about other air specials being cancellable or gound version)

Akuma: can now demon flip in the air

Also Tron’s j.H can’t be followed up by M, it must be followed up by drill to combo.

Spiderman’s web zip looks faster.

Good stuff man, I wonder if we can just turn this into the official umvc 3 video thread or something. I mean we do need one since we can’t be mixing the vanilla thread with this one.

The video is low quality like usual but I’m not going to complain. This is a lot of shit.

Maximillian said hes gonna post over an hour of umvc 3 footage from evo so keep your eyes out for that.

please let it be today. scratches arm

I know how you feel man.

Awww man. Someone finally used Denjin mode in the middle of a match and not just in the KO time, but Ryu proceeds to get his ass beat. Oh well. One thing to note is that the Denjin mode timer goes by reaaally fast. I’d say probably as fast as Hsien-Ko’s super armor transformation.