UMVC3: Fine Line Between Zoning and Spamming

When I go online I get a person who knows how to effectively keep me out by spamming attacks, commonly its Hawkeye arrows. I respect the tactic but it’s hard for me to get around it. So I have a simple question that I have been thinking about for a long time: What is the fine line between zoning and spamming in UMVC3? What are some ways to get around it? How can I successfully counter it when locked down?

The difference between zoning and spamming is simple.

Zoning is using projectiles and other ranged attacks to limit the opponent’s movement options, generally with the goal of keeping them out.

Spamming generally means one of two things; mindlessly throwing projectiles which should be rather easy to beat; an often-used derogatory term used to describe zoning by players who have not yet learned how to beat zoning.

How to beat zoning depends on who your characters are and who is zoning you. It will be difficult for people to give you meaningful advice unless you provide more information.

whether its zoning or spamming, you have to learn how to beat it. don’t just write it off as scrubby and never learn to beat it!

Try picking up Hawkeye and winning with him by just spamming arrows. You’ll find out very quickly how hard it is to do so in this game, you work your ass off to chip away a good fraction of your opponent’s health, but all he needs is 1-2 combos to kill your Hawkeye. This game still favors rushdown despite people claiming otherwise, and the zoner has to be constantly thinking a few steps ahead of the rushdowner for his game to be successful. So to beat a zoner you just have to show patience, not get frustrated or worried at your health getting drained, know the blind spots of the zoner and constantly attack the zoner from those blind spots and most important of all do not let yourself get opened up when he switches from spamming crap to some close quarter combat.

Zoning is when you put shit on the screen.
Keepaway is when you put shit on the screen.

Now I’m confused.

This is why real characters can both zone and rushdown effectively, or at least negate opponents zoning with their own stuff like Wesker. For the same reason I think Ghost Rider and Nemesis are better then just zoners, because they have the damage and the tools to bring the fight to the opponent, and make them scared to press buttons nearly anywhere on the screen. For some reason these characters also have plenty of health to make mistakes in both styles.

Why even pick up other keep away characters over these powerhouse choices?

I usually play a Zero,Iron Fist, Taskmaster or switch Iron Fist with Vergil. When I play zero i find it hard to get out when the screen is full of projectiles, but I try to use his air dash and command dash to get in. Iron Fist I’m screwed, and taskmaster I go into projectile wars with his ground and air arrows and charging star. But most recently I met a guy online who used arthur’s dagger assist with his arrows.

Im not trying to write it off as scrubby, as I said I respect the tactic, but I just need help getting around it!

Zoning = x controls y portion of the screen. z cannot enter this zone or he will get fucked up.
Keep away = x is looking to control y portion of the screen and push z back every time he attempts to advance.

Marvel is probably the only game I’ve played that actually differentiates the two significantly. I still get confused by this, so if someone else wants to chime in.

I would disagree that keep away is trying to control a set part of the screen like zoning is; at best, it is trying to control the part of the screen that is directly in front of the character, but that part of the screen moves with the character. Maybe I would say that zoning is trying to control space relative to the stage, where as keep away is trying to control space relative to the character playing keep away.

Idk, it’s probably all semantics anyway.

Zoning is not always to keep someone away.
Like ST Ryu may zone with fireballs, and use this plan to find chances for a crossup on the opponent’s wakeup into a hit/throw mixup.
So in this case it’s just to turn the neutral game into a situation in your favor (knockdown) and try to capitalize on it.

Zoning controls space with the intent to limit options and not necessarily kill, or damage the player. But to restrict their movements focing them to play in your space, on your terms. This makes making reads easier.

‘Keep away’ is acting with intent to deal damage through your projectiles. Attempting to restrict all options that lead to CQC.

That’s my take.

Zoning just involves keeping your opponent at a specific distance from you so you can abuse an advantage you have at that distance. Usually it refers to keepaway but zoning is basically a type of turtling. You do safe things to win the battle of attrition.

Spamming is only a bad thing if you start losing because of it. Unless your opponent is too bad at the game to counter it when others will.

There isn’t a fine line between zoning and spamming, theres a huge difference. When you spam you just throw out w/e move it is you feel is effective, it doesn’t even have to a ranged attack, I’ve played weskers who activate x-factor and just run up and mash :s: all day, thats spamming. Zoning is throwing out w/e tools it is you have for zoning and using them to effectively control space and hinder your opponents advances on you. The way to beat spamming depends on what the opponent is spamming, if they are spamming projectiles just be patient, hawkeye can’t cover every angle simultaneously and when your dealing with a scrub, he won’t even be trying to cover every angle. Just wait for him to fall into a rythm and punish him for his stupidity, if he keeps firing the straight arrows wait for him to fire and just jump over it and feed him a hefty combo, if he spams the jumping straight ones, wait for him to jump, the slide yourself under him and feed him another hefty combo. Hawkeyes only got 900k so most characters can TOD him with a DHC.

Shoutouts to my shitty wesker.

lol nothing to be ashamed of, it is what it is, I used spam spd’s with zangief when I first started playing, and that shit ain’t even safe, least weskers :s: is safe.

Thanks for the tip! I usually get worried about chip since it does so much, and forget to focus on the projectiles. The only thing that’s hard to get around is when he has meter stocked and can punish with his hyper, then I have to be more cautious when coming in.

UMVC3: Fun Line Between Zoning and Spamming!

Yea when he has a gimlet you have to be careful what you throw out, but remember, gimlet only does 250k on hit and unless he has certain character in the back he can’t follow it up. So sometimes(emphasis on sometimes) its worth it to just bait a gimlet, take it like a champ and just keep coming, health is just another resource you can use, and sometimes its better to just take the gimlet when he only has one bar, than take a gimlet when he can dhc into like devil trigger and hit you up for like 600k. In the same sense, don’t worry yourself too much about chip, it should really only worry you when your living on a pixel.

lol with the fun being on the winning side :rofl: