UMVC3 for a complete beginner

hello i recently got umvc3 and i have no experience playing the game. i’ve already decided to play the team wolverine/ frank west / akuma unless anyone mangages to convince me other wise. My question is where to start? Where are the guides for general play? How do i learn the combos and mixups specific to my team? Thanks for any help

Your team is actually a fairly solid one; Wolverine and Akuma have tons of team synergy because Akuma’s Tatsu Senpukyaku assist eats up projectiles to make Wolverine’s approach safer. I think Frank West AND Akuma in the back is kind of redundant because their best assists are similar, but if you’re using an assist other than Shopping Cart (I don’t know, does Frank West have any other decent ones?), you get more versatility.

There’s several ways to start. The Shoryuken Wiki’s Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hyper Guide is pretty good. This page has several videos that introduce you to the basics of the game; learning DHCs (Delayed hyper combos), OTGs (Off-the-grounds), and other mechanics is a good idea.

To focus on individual characters, I’d suggest learning their basic gameplans and combos. Try watching videos of high level Wolverines/Frank Wests/Akumas; Noel Brown uses Wolverine and Frank West, while Justin Wong uses Wolverine and Akuma.

Wolverine’s offense is focused on three main things: Berserker Slash, his dive kick ( :d::h: in the air), and assists. Berserker Slash is very fast; while it’s not invincible like it was in vanilla, it can still be used to hit the opponent from an unexpected direction. In conjunction with an assist, it becomes a lot better because your opponent has to be wary of the assist. Whenever you hit an opponent with Berserker Slash, cancel into Berseker Charge so that you can combo off of the attack. The dive kick has a massive hitbox (Part that hits the opponent) and can continue into a combo for damage. He also has a very good wave dash. This video may have vanilla Wolverine combos, but his combo ability really didn’t change in Ultimate.

Frank West in the second position is best with the shopping cart assist. To increase Frank’s level with the camera, it’s recommended you do a TAC (Team-aerial combo) into it. You can also try doing a team hyper combo with Frank.

Akuma on anchor should always have Tatsu assist, since it’s one of the best in the game. Akuma has a very high damage output, but he has to be careful due to his low health and short range on his normals. Learn to wavedash with him so that you can get across the screen quickly. You should learn how to do his Level 3 Raging Demon hyper, but I’d suggest being very cautious with how much you use it; Akuma’s beam hypers are very good already. To learn Akuma combos, I’d suggest heading over to the Akuma forums for Ultimat Marvel vs Capcom 3 and looking for “bread and butters” or “bnbs” in the first post.