UMvC3 Forum Off-Topic thread. You down with OTT?

Cause Inafune likes traps.

Only reason I can think of.

So you have something to look at when you’re lightning looping them.


i see your

and raise you by

Ass, tits and…

Yo we got a tornado warning down here so If I die…you all stay away from my funeral.

I see
I shall counter with ME3 EDI’s body.

Wasnt sure if I should like your post or not. Didnt want you to take it the wrong way. (although Im sure you wouldnt) Can I haz ur execution if you go bye-bye?

In other news, I think Momo really left.

Considering her avatar is gone perhaps. Tis a sad day indeed.

Quick Ace, to the Outlaw Star!

shoutouts to your videos being ignored by the front page guys again. sigh :coffee:

Dont be changing pics before I get the chance to save them to my super secret folders!

Oh i was going to respond to the not-Roll tier Roll pic

fuck ill do it anyway

But I’m all out of MM related ish now :frowning:

a (the?) superior game:

I love the pics guys but seriously spoiler them. I’d like to read this thread while I’m in class without looking like a weirdo.

R.I.P Momers.



Welp…can’t wait for dat reduced price box of spicy goodness.

why just…idk…pay attention and do your work in class lol

Why do you guys think Momo is gone?

If so, my condolences to you Kaiten.

I’m going to be the most stereotypical black guy at that Popeyes, dancing with a drumstick in each hand and everything.

>is chinese

Deleted av and last activity was yesterday morning (IIRC sometime around 7AM). But nah I just feel bad if she left because of one of us…I blame OWA

…thats sorta creepy bro.