UMVC3 Frame Fighter app


Hey guys, i found this app on Amazon called Frame Fighter for UMVC3 and i love it! i thought i would share with you guys or maybe you have heard of it too wether you have it or are thinking about getting it i just wanted to get it out there.While it does very minor bugs it is very accessible and it doesn’t give the headaches.I think the most people who would get the most out of this are those new to frame data and is extremely helpful and not overbearing.It helped my game against my friend’s team who had alot a character or two is on my bad matchups list.It allow you to side by side comparison on all the moves wether it’s startup,recovery or advantage on block.It’s not just frame data,it also includes move list and description of moves in which icons tell you how high or low the priority of a projectile is,invul,super armor,if its cancelable etc. Excellent guide for those looking to improve their play or just learning bad matchups.I highly recommend it.Here is the link below.