UMvC3: Game Speed change for a better more respected game

I can only speak for myself, but the game speed of Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the upcoming Ultimate version is too fast. I love fast games just like anyone else, but these two games have speeds that make following the action rather difficult and not very enjoyable. Also the speed at which characters move make the reactionary skills of blocking and countering seem more like luck than anything else. The action has this extremely button-mashing/throw-everything-you-can look to it.

Watching a character get hit with a combo has very little sense of impact(character reaction) compared to other versus games and even other fighting game series. The hits are so fast you barely see what actually hits.

This new game has the potential to be one of the ultimate E-sports (on a starcraft 2 level) if the action were easier to follow. Let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about.

Let’s pretend you’re a commentator for a tournament and you’re giving play-by-play on the action(you KNOW the ins/outs of the game/s):


Which game is the hardest to follow the action?

I’m not expecting some crazy change just something so you can see everything going on.

…you seriously think this game is too fast? I think it’s too slow with the way some moves drag on. MvC2 Sentinel in fly mode is almost faster than anything not in X-Factor Mode.

Yeah MVC2 Sentinel is impossible to commentate on. Guy is blinding fast even though he’s bigger than a hummer. I remember the first time I saw top 8 for MVC2 live at Evo back in 2k6 and I literally had to ask other people what the fuck was going on every 10 seconds. Seeing Storm and Sentinel going up and down while commando and cyclops are putting shit all over the screen in that shitty resolution will have the average/uninformed player going WTF all day.

I always feel like it’s easier to see what’s going on in MVC3 even though it’s fast because the game is at a higher resolution and generally looks cleaner. The main thing that made MVC2 and CVS2 so annoying to watch for me is that the game had high res backgrounds but then the characters are at an atrociously lower resolution that puts an unnecessary strain on the eyes. That’s why I liked looking at the older Marvel games or 3S better because everything was in the same resolution. All of that shit going on with contrasting resolutions is throw up on a tv screen especially for someone who doesn’t follow MVC2. Plus the assists don’t take up the entire screen space and take longer to recharge.

The old Marvel games were easier to follow because there wasn’t a potential 4 other characters that could just pop out on the screen and do shit at any time and the older ones were generally slower. Blazblue and Guilty Gear are one on one games so it’s pretty obvious why they’re easier to follow especially since those games have pretty clean resolutions also. Guilty Gear still looks beautiful even though the graphics board used for the game is basically a Dreamcast.

Agreed. I can’t follow MvC2 Mag-fucking-neto at all either. Zippity zip zip zoom and shit.

This game was designed for playing, not for watching. Capcom doesn’t design games for Stream Monsters.

That’s the problem with gamers these days. They’re just viewers. LOL.

You are living in dreamland if you think there’s a remote chance of any fighting game being half as popular an E-sports as Starcraft 2.