uMvC3 gameplay Online . . .?


So does anyone else consider it unplayable? Whoever that guy is who made the review saying it was “buttery smooth” should be fired and stript of all credibility.

This is the worst online mode ive ever played.


You in the US?


Honestly why would you reply to a thread with a question that is completely irrelevant? Is it so difficult to say whether you find online game play acceptable, or complete and utter trash? I just dont get some people.


haven’t lagged one bit.
are you on 360 or PS3?


Also acting like a complete douche won’t really help you.


I’m on 360 and it does feel very slow. Not like spikes of lag, but just in general all my moves and combos feel super sluggish. I don’t know if it’s just the new system but I’m dropping all my Taskmaster combos.


Its not irrelevant, USA has some of the worst internet infrastructure in the world, it has plenty to do with the subject.


I’m acting like a “complete douche” ?? Where???

Riot55: thats how i would describe it on my end as well. Its like a completely different game from offline mode.


Honestly why would you post a thread with a topic that has already been posted (and locked) several times? Is it so difficult to search the forums to see if this topic is covered already? This thread is complete and utter trash. I just don’t get some people.


lagging on launch day? no way, gtfo, that never happens.


There you go.


u mad.


Guys it’s day one. Mind your manners by the way.


Just practice your combos in training mode with Ammy’s slowdown super activated all the time


I guess Im the only one having no issues. Internet is Great for me and im on 360. Seems like the other players are sitting next to me on my couch.


Every match I’ve played has been smooth as hell. I can’t even compare it to vanilla.


Some fighters work well on the first day. But consistently at least for me. Capcom fighters have never been among those. Still with that said they always smooth out. After a few days or a week.

Am on the PS3 with a decent connection, and have run into a fair bit of input lag so far. This is no different then how the MvC3 launch was for me. But this issue did clear up shortly after launch. The same will be true for this game.

Admittedly it would be nice if it cleared up sooner then latter. But until then there is always training mode. To adjust old combos and learn a few new ones.


Its still has pretty garbage input delay on it


xbox live is good idk about psn


^ This.

Even with a ‘smooth’ connection to another person, you will have enough input delay to mess up several combos.