UMvC3 General Discussion: You can't control it

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First to grace this thread with thine presence! Also I will glady follow all rules in order to share the joys of UMVC3 with fellow forum watchers worldwide!!!

Huzzah, for I am second!

I think everyone’s playing the game right now so they’re not posting yet.

I still got 10 more hours to go.

WOoooooooooooooot. Shuma Gorathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And I hate every one of those people.

I don’t have an issue with waiting until launch day, but it sucks because I know UPS is going to drop off my package with the game at the end of the day at the absolute last second of deliveries.
Dude’s gonna walk up to my doorstep with a trollface grin, then walk away laughing to himself.

You win this round, UPS guy.

heading to the midnight release in an hour or so. I’m deciding if its a cocaine night in the lab or maybe just a red bull. I got class at 11 hehe


Frank is scary… He has a bananas slide people… bananas… Crazy range… and his launcher is pretty sexy too…


Can’t wait to get started tomorrow! I’m tired of getting my ass kicked in SF4, I’m ready for new punishment.

Lei-lei thread should be more like this guy.

I mean, not even the Haggar thread was trippin as much. Shit, when we got that OTG, we threw a party.

“What’s that? Invincibility on Rapid punch startup? Time to turn the beat back.”

When we got that buffed command throw, hard knockdown J.S, and speed boost we partied like it was 1999

Hurrah for the new thread, won’t be playing the game till thursday at the earliest but Im not salty, ill just pick up the guide tomorrow and study some frame data, strategies and shit to pass the time.

fuck yea lets get this shit going!


Yay for a new thread! Really brings closure to all speculation and all things Vanilla. Now we can try for another 650 pages of awesomeness! :slight_smile:

Hmm. Won’t be picking this up for a few weeks. Surprisingly, I can wait. Too many projects down the line. Though my reactions will probably be so ass as to feel like I’m picking up a new game at that point. Learning all over again’s going to be fun, though.

Honestly, I’m hyped to see what the pros do on IPW/WNF this Wednesday.

Oh, we’re secretly hype for jump cancels. It’s just an act at this point.

No, really. We are.

What about Hawkeye’s?

Two random questions:
• What is Nova’s alt supposed to be? A storebought costume?
• Anyone remember those drinks named after the characters at release?

I think that as long as capcom doesnt do anothe disc in a year then this game will rock with patchs and DLC. If they do, I WILL NOT BE PLEASED O_O

Where’s the new tier thread?

I think it should be created at least 2 weeks from now to reduce the day 1 shockers.

Cocaine and Marvel 3? You gonna grind up and sort your vanilla disc or something?