UMvC3 General Discussion: You can't control it

Nah, Strider’s my anchor, i’m talking about my main team, Nem/Hawk/Strider.

Besides, my Frank team goes Firebrand/Frank/Arthur

If you’re using him as anchor you should be killing everyone in 1 combo with x-factor. Check out the Strider threads. His resets are good, but you shouldn’t need them if you’re just using him for the lvl 3 x-factor.

I pretty much do, problem is there are times when Strider’s XF finishes and the opponent still lives. I’m still looking for ways to do even more damage.

I’m late to this, but fuck it. You guys know they like they just released a brand new gameplay trailer for FFv13 less than a month ago right?


Also KH lost me at 2 when it became braindead button mashing to victory. That’s not to say the first one was some ridiculously deep combat engine either, but it had its’ charm. Then there’s the shoe horning of the tired and overrated ass “rivalry” of Sephiroth/Cloud AGAIN, in the first one Sephiroth showing up was cool and unexpected in 2 it’s like sigh really? I’m not going to (seriously) get into how much of a mess the story became, but I’d maybe still play 3 since 1 is still a really awesome game.

That says 2011 :expressionless:

You should check this thread out then.

FFXIII was dumbed to be more mainstream for a Western audience

checks calendar

Oh I better flip this thing over already :eek:

Can someone give me a (as much as you would like, anyway) detailed explanation for why players generally don’t like XIII? I’ve watched my friend play it and it didn’t seem so bad to where I’d call it “scrubbed,” though I don’t know the mechanics too well. Definitely didn’t like some of the characters (Hope, Vanille and her weird “can’t decide if I’m Australian or South African” voice) as much as those in other FF’s. Though Saszh is cool.

I just get this feeling that I’m missing something when my friends explode over XIII. Then again, one of them really like X-2, sooooo…

Let me give you the run down of character personalities in XIII

Lightning - I’m a cold bitch until I warm up half way through the story (Cloud?!)
Snow - I’m a typical hero personality till I realize I can’t do shit
Hope - I’m sad, I hate Snow, I’m sad, I hate snow, I’m sad, I hate Snow
Vanille - I’m cute, innocent and oblivious for no reason also am I an Aussie?
Fang - I’m a badass…at least I think I am
Sazh - Look man, all I wanted was to take care of my son kay?

Sazh is the only character I like in that story he seems the most “real” and relate-able. Even if his story is basically Michael from LOST. Granted FF13 had an “ok” story.

But the main reason people thought it was “ok” is because the battle system was so dumbed down and generalized. Now it’s not even about being a Nostalgia Whore. It’s the fact that there is basically no strategy involved for 95% of the fights. The paradigm system takes getting used to even so, it’s all about “relying” on the AI to do certain moves for you. When I first started up 13, I was like “ok I just get to control Lightning for now, but when do I get to use Sazh too at the same time?” That day never came. I liked it where I could control all my party members instead of just one. Now i’ll never play Sazh because Fang is obviously the person with the best damage. “Auto-Battle” removed the gameplay aspect for the majority of the game. All you do until you get to a boss for real, is just run and mash X. because Auto-battle already selects the optimal move for the battle unless it’s a complex strategy like a boss. And since Auto-Battle is the first option in a battle, you literally just mash X you don’t even have to move the D-Pad down to select another move.

More so there wasn’t a feeling for the cast. I genuinely did not really care for Vanille, Fang and Hope. I didn’t understand why Lightning was so cold and dismissive. The group seemed like a bunch of people who while interconnected through plotlines don’t synergize well as a group. Sure you have your party member relationships with each other like how Hope hates Snow and Lightning also sorta hates Snow, Vanille and Fang being related…sorta, Sazh just being Sazh. But it’s not a group that I see “together” as a whole well.

There weren’t any towns you could visit there wasn’t people you could talk to, there were BARELY any side quests and a HUGE lack of optional bosses. (Once I beat a Long Gui, the “most powerful enemy in the game” there wasn’t any point in getting the Ultimate Weapons) Money is only accessed through selling. It’s allot of minor stuff that doesn’t go into the core gameplay, but it’s true the Little things DO count.

It was also so freaking long and boring I played it for hours only to still be on the first disc.

i like x-2 and xiii but i know why they hate it

because its not FF (insert favorite here), I’ve read essays worth of reasons why, and it leads to that, and thats about all sadly.

i think many would say FFVII, overrated, but a good FF nonetheless.

Also, fun fact: Hironobou Sakuguchi the creator of Final Fantasy, left Square Enix after Final Fantasy X. FFX was the last FF Sakuguchi worked on, and that- many people say was when the “New FF Game” hate started. There are three transitions in FF history to me, FF 1-6 Classics, FF 7-10 3D era, FF 11-Present, New Age.

He went on to make Mistwalker along with Nobuo Uematsu (the main composer for the FF series until FFX). They don’t have many games, they did make Lost Odyssey and a new RPG called “The Last Story” (Lol? a poke at Final Fantasy?) I have yet to play the Last Story since it was released in Japan, but it looks great.

now with 100% less FF talk
whyd they only redo some character art (chun li)

Woah before I reply to this fix the quote box so I can read it easier

She’s low tier but far from bottom.

im not like disagreeing with you its just that i see the same thing but people just never acknowledge that ffxiii was essentially to me a giant shout out that “we realize you guys prefer WRPGS now so we’re going to try to change Jrpgs up a bit”

you know the whole fallout/mass effect dialogue options? FFXIII-2 even tried to squeeze those in.

also everything (lack of exploration, lack of super bosses etc) is present in the popular ff’s.

also never mind to be honest i defend XIII too much. its not as bad as people make it out to be.

Please god tell me that it’s not tsubaki that’s bottom or Carl… Or Arakune or Valkenhayn.


Regardless there are somethings I disagree in your post

Squall, Cloud and lightning are kind of the same character, Auron is completely different. While those 3 are cold, sometime badass, sometime emo characters that are really detached and cold but become more :slight_smile: later in the story. Auron is just a wise mentor kind of character, he’s badass and stoic but he’s not cold and detached from reality like the other 3 are. He even cracks a joke every once in awhile. Auron’s that guy who has a wise response to everything.

I didn’t say FFXIII didn’t have side quests, i’m just saying there was a lack there of. The 60 missions is the biggest side quest in the game, and it’s just monster hunting basically. No mini-games, no trading quests, no secret items to get it kind made me felt the game was hollow.

The “hardest monster” you said was probably Vercinggetorix the last monster in mission 60? Idk about you, but that guy was not that bad. I died once or twice but by the third try I got him down. His stats compared to a Long Gui’s is also inferior. The Long Gui has way more Strength, Magic and a bit more health. The Long Gui can kill an entire party in one hit if their not in sentinel mode, Vercing takes awhile to do so, at least when he was fighting my Fang, Hope and vanille party. Also yeah I know Sazh and Fang are the best damage dealers but I was just using Sazh as an example.

It’s fine if it goes away with traditions and tries something new (They did that from Twilight Princess to Skyward Sword) but when there’s innovation it better damn well be good. It felt they took away from the game but they didn’t add anything new or unique (except Paradigm system, but I wasn’t too hyped about it anyways).

hmm I see you have declined your post…hmm

It’s between Makoto and Tsubaki.

…wait no it’s just Tsubaki.

Valk is one of the tops, Carl and Ara are both consider high.