UMvC3 General Discussion: You can't control it

Seriously. How in the hell do you even come up with a concept to create tech? I could sit in the lab for days and find out a Magic Series combo with assists to get Wright into Turnabout mode after being in Trial Mode (Magic Series, Ghost Rider’s Heartless spire, OBJECTION! which works when it wants to >:(), when someone finds a combo that starts from Investigation Mode, gets 3 pieces of evidence, goes into Trial Mode, lands an OBJECTION! into Turnabout Mode, add some more hits, tags out, relaunches into Wright’s assist, tag him back in, and lands his Lv. 3 that generates 5 bars of HC meter and uses 3 without X-Factoring (not literally of course) all in the time it took me to find out something that small and insignificant. :frowning:

It has.
It’s called Metal Gear Rising Revengance.


And it’s gonna be hype, but I need dem legs and hair witches

After spending pretty much an entire day with the new Wright, I have to say that the speed up on Maya is nice. It doesn’t make up for the invincibility loss, but it’s definitely nice.

I’ve adjusted well and I had some pretty solid success with Wright today. Plus because of the changes, I replaced Frank on my team with Doom, which I’m loving anyway. I replaced shopping cart with plasma beam and since Doom is probably my best character, it’s working out great.

a fucking greed. Bayonetta was the only action/ hack and slash/ i’ve enjoyed in too long. DMC3 and godhand(more beat em up i guess) were great though.

bayonetta needs a sequel, and no okami like bullshit better get pulled where im left with a cliff hanger and just left in the dark.

+1 high fives for staying positive and adjusting after Wrightageddon

That… reminds me way too much of the Atlas stage in GOW2.

Doesn’t seem like it. Hell, they even changed his overall appearance, Old N.Dante looked like he was on crack whereas the current N.Dante just looks like a younger Dante with a haircut made by his mother.

Meh I still don’t like the look of it. But i’m still gonna try it.

Also all this DMC talk makes me wish Nero was in Ultimate instead of Vergil…I mean I love Vergil and all but man Devil Bringer would be soooo op’ed.

in comes the Nero hate train lead by Robo in 3…2…


Whoever this guy is plays exactly like Clockw0rk. This guys cheap as hell… A complete bastard. I love it! Does this guys still play anything?

That DmC gameplay vid reminds me of Jak and Daxter. Not sure what that says when a DMC game reminds me of J&D, but whatever, I really liked J&D.

I want Nero in too. But admittedly only for the potential wank.

Ok, so this is godlike and I don’t know where to post it so I’m just gonna post it everywhere. Play in 240p for most authentic experience.


Your Welcome.

Thank you. This clears up my misunderstanding of the term.

Wright: Point character or 2nd? Missile is a situational but good assist and dhcing into Wright gives him a setup for evidence…

Glad I listened to that, because I found this.


I have to say, this picture is just amazing though. Protoman and Viewtiful Joe are like, my top 5 Capcom characters.

Just something that was new to me: In H&H mode last night, offline, Herald PW was able to go into :d::d::atk::atk: mode (Trial Mode??? I don’t fucking know) without any evidence gathered, good or bad. He got the little lightning spark at his head while looking pensive and then the little icon near his file folders changed.

Also… Herald Morrigan… those peaks! She can give me quicksilver poisoning any day.

So what’s this I’m hearing about Ammy nerfs.

Uh, yeah. PW can go into Trial Mode at any time.

Oh man I freaking love these.
Here’s the rest if anyone else wants to hear them.

You got: Stepladder!



You got: Fanservice!



You got: Shield Slash!



You got: Gimlet!



You got: Zero Blade!



You got: nerfed…



Didn’t need the “uh yeah”. But, thanks clarification.

Do you see my avatar… I don’t know squat (and I could give a hearty fuck) about the Lawyer.

Edit: for word flow. If i’m going to retort harshly it’s going to flow properly.