UMvC3 General Discussion: You can't control it

Ugh, this isn’t DMC, this is every other terrible Ninja Theory game. God damn, that’s some ugly combat and level design. And of all the things to take from DMC4 they brought the devil bringer. The mechanic that killed any depth to movement or pressure. I wonder if you’ll be able to flummox the AI by hovering with devil bringer spam like in DMC4. And people gave DMC2 shit for the shotgun…

Nero’s in DmC. They just gave him dark hair and a pack of cigarettes. EMO ARRRRRRMMMMMMM.

… It does? I didn’t even notice anything, I just heard about this thanks to you. Now I guess the rest of the world will finally realize that Haggar’s Rapid Fire Fist was mashable since vanilla… and did massive damage, to boot. Now everyone will finally stop doing Lariat into Haggar Press. Or maybe not.

Chris can cancel his Flamethrower into specials? Good buff.

I find it funny that some people blame this game for everything that it has and everything that it doesn’t have. This game is beginning to look great because we finally get to see more gameplay footage and not some random clips thrown together.

If there was UMvC3 for PC, I’d make this Dante as an alternate costume for Dante.

You fool!

The people in the PW thread says its not worth a bar (you have to use a super to do it) but I feel as though that depends on your team.

The guy can cancel a blocked combo into Maya super and it leads to an unblockable. If you didnt pushblock before he did the super then you’re already locked in the corner because Maya counts as a special assist (so Advancig Guard doesnt do shit). The only huge problem is it relies on a TAC which isnt that big of a problem when you consider that the opponent only has a 33% chance of countering. I can honestly get atleast 600k from any TAC after this with Dante and Strider as his partners. The only other problem is, like all unblockables, it has to be used when the opponent is on the ground. Luckily a well timed Strider will put their asses right back to the ground if they try to chicken block. Not saying he should rely on this, just that it is a nice option to have in the corner.

just one sentence can bury this ridiculous lets-use-this-name-to-see-if-we-can-sell-any-copy “DMC” :

In this game you dont have enemies (like Dmc1, Dmc3, Ninja gaiden, bayoneta), you have targets, stupidies-imbecils-retarded-dummys that are only in there for you to train your combos before you pass some door, that is why dmc2 and dmc4 sucks and also this game will suck.

Please, i beg, dont talk about that “dmc” game here. This is a place for happy marvel discussion.

What do you guys think of H&H so far?, i think its kinda nice.

I like it but it brings a lot more salt than regular Mahvel. I mean like 100x more salt.

Ever got zoned out by a Trish with 5 bars from beginning to the end of a match. That shit is ridiculous.

Also getting 3 bars while you’re doing a lvl3 is just wrong lolol

Uhh… what? Prety much every enemy in DMC3 except maybe Fallen was just a punching bag. Even 4 had more engaging enemies than that game. ( The bigger problem with 4’s enemies was how low the health on ‘standard’ enemies were. )

Can someone go take a look at my question and help answer it for me? Thanks!

Basically, I launch someone with Hawkeye and ground bounce them back down, and immediately do a Gimlet but it does no damage.

From what you said, it sounds like you’re trying to hit the opponent while they’re on the ground (OTG). Gimlet doesn’t hit OTG.

Gimlet doesn’t OTG.

Exactly what combo are you using?

This is what Im thinking although he says ground bounce so Im not sure

It’s basic stuff. Launch them with S, jump up and hit them with S to throw them back to the ground, immediately transition into Gimlet.

A bit interesting (at least to my novice mind) that an hyper that’s supposed to hit the target anywhere isn’t OTG capable.

Thanks for the explanation though, still learning a lot of nuances :slight_smile:

Do I dare say it… It actually sounds like a Mother series song.

Funny, I think Cap’s theme actually sounds better in 8-bit form.

Only one that didn’t translate well is Felicia’s. Then again, I’ve never really liked her themes.

Glad to help!



Never thought this moment would eventually become true…

Calm down Gamma brother. Homey the bear tried to help you out and you’re all like:



I posted this on the Phoenix Wright forums a while back but I haven’t gotten anything. Wonder if anyone here could help me…

Does anyone know if it’s possible to follow up from a turnabout Objection off a launcher/TAC? In most cases you can combo off the initial Objection, but I can’t find any tech for this. You know the basic :l::m::h::s:Sj. :d::h: turnabout starter. Or ad everyone knows a TAC works too.

Usually if the Objection lands on the ground, the huge hit-stun allows for a follow up and usually a character kill afterwords. This is one of his most effective ways to get the Objection, but for the life of me I just can’t find tech to get a follow up after it. But I refuse to believe you can’t, and it would be super useful if there was a way.

with or without assists?

Preferably without, just because my two assist are Plasma Beam and Heartless Spire and I don’t really think they’d help up there in the air. If I could knock them down to the ground afterwords, I could probably pick them up with Heartless Spire though. I just want to get some sort of clean hit after the Objection with Wright, then I can just go from there.

Thanks to neorussell on the Wright forums, I know that you can land a TAC afterwords, but that doesn’t really help me too much although it is nice to know. (I might only be an up TAC though I’m not sure) He says you can hit a regular S after it too into a judge hyper, and for me hopefully I could replace that with spire to continue the combo, but I haven’t gotten that to work yet.

It works for down TAC too but I havent checked anything else yet.