UMvC3 General Discussion: You can't control it

Yeh after checking out more it looks like it works with every TAC. Still can’t get it to work with the regular S though.

Costume pack set to come out today delayed until march… and it will not have magneto’s costume

The amount of people who don’t respect or know about Arthur’s Level 3 cracks me up. I can only imagine what would happen if I had any talent at this game >__>.

They’re most likely not going to create and design another alt for Magneto (It is Capcom afterall). I don’t really understand why they have to delay the release for the entire pack by that great of an amount of time though.

I really wanted the magneto alt :frowning:

No Royal Magneto? I suppose there’s that Colonel outfit people were talking about a while back before the costumes were revealed.

Then you would be making F. Champs everywhere salty.

Wasn’t there some good Arthur action at SCR?

I didn’t see it, but from what I remember reading here some dude won a round with Dark Arthur and then the following match his opponent immediately snapped him in. Yes, he snapped in Arthur because he was a problem huzzah!

Oh and if they’re going to make a new Magneto alt it will probably be Xorn

I believe the House of M costume was the Colonel outfit that people were talking about. I was looking forward to it too even though I would have preferred Onslaught or First Class, but now that they’re scrapping it, I don’t know if it would be a smart decision to dedicate resources to release a separate DLC costume pack for just Magneto now that he’s cut from the Ancient Warrior pack.

Magneto being the only character without a DLC costume is pretty stupid though seeing as to how he’s “the face of Mahvel.”

I was just about to stop playing for a bit when I got my first “parry” card in H&H. Damn, Capcom really knows how to reel people back in.

Well, at least we got to see it in action once (srklive tourney the day before SCR).

I’ll have to go look for that Arthur match. I don’t use him, but I like seeing him do well.

RealPoltix has a really good Arthur, but we didn’t see how well he faced aganist Yipes.

RealPoltix was the guy that took Yipes into losers.

You mean this match?


I didn’t see the full battle, but yeah, some people really underestimate Arthur when it comes to situations like this.

Dark Phoenix - 5 bars
Arthur comeback - 3 bars
FChamp’s face - Priceless

I find Champ has so little experience with underutilized characters… I remember at Norcal Vs Capcom 2 he went up against a Super Skrull team. If the guy had more matchup experience, I’m sure he would’ve fared better than he did (since the Skrull beat him).

Not discrediting Hi I’m Nastyy or anything, of course.

Just made a comeback against a cheap ass team in H&H with only RR. There’s something so funny when the opponent dies bc they got Adv. Guarded onto a Mad Hopper

He likely would have fared better, but I still think Hi I’m Nasty would have had his number. He explained on the mic what and why he chose to do with Skrull against DP and it made perfect sense. Champ said at the Showcase match he better understands the character more, but still called him random which I thought was typical annoying Champ shit talking.

That Champ vs Mailorder match was too good. I was thinking of the Realpolitix match though; I missed it for some reason I can’t remember. Getting food?

If Hi I’m Nasty is random, I’d love to see the look on Champ’s face if HIN wasn’t playing random.

Hint: It would look something like this.


im kina doing lobbies right now…anyone wanna get in let me know

7 different players in a row and they all play Wesker. Jesus christ does anyone NOT play this character?