[UMvC3] Good Zoning/Keepaway team?

Subject, I’m also new to marvel, and I’m not used to fast twitching games like this.

Morrigan and Doctor Doom (hidden missiles assist) is currently the best shell in the game, albeit very hard to play. If you’re new to the game I would instead suggest you play one zoning character with a well rounded anchor because keepaway is not very good in Marvel.

you might like Dormammu, Viewtiful Joe, or Chris Redfield for your first character. Try Vergil, Wesker, or Strider in the back so you can recover if they die.

I play Captain America(sheild slash), Doom(missles), Arthur(daggers) very easy starter zoning team

A full zoning team… Hmmm… Deadpool(guns)/Dorm(pillar)/Hawkeye(straight shot) Maybe Hawkeye (Straight shot)/Dorm (pillar)/Doom (missile)…