UMVC3 Has A GREAT Fighting Game Soundtrack NOT of All Time


[s]Even if you’re not the greatest player in the world, you’ll seriously enjoy the music in the game as you get pummeled into the ground by top tier fighters.

This game introduced so many cool new tracks that suit their characters well. Some of my favorite themes old and new include those of the following characters: Phoenix Wright, Captain America, Spider-Man, Bionic Commando, X-23, and of course Dante.

As far as best fighting game goes… hell no! But that’s not what this topic is about. Don’t let a favorite fighting game make you bias.[/s]


As they say in Street Figher II… YOW WIN! 100,000 PTS.

You know what, I still don’t find UMVC3’s soundtrack to be all that bad. I’d still rank it up there with the best of them (the fighters, of course). It’s certainly the best soundtrack of all the MVC games, remixes duly noted.

Since “GREATEST” and “BEST” are big no-no’s in these forums. I’ll say that KOF stands out as a series that produces some of my favorite soundtracks in the fighting game genre as well.

Ha! You’re one of those fans. A UMVC3 hater. X-23’s track suits her – and it’s a nice and unexpected addition to an already exciting series. I could say Psycho Soldier’s main Arcade theme is rife with Pop-Poop but why would I? It fits the lighthearted nature of the game. Nothing wrong with a little Pop here and there. And was it so bad that they rearranged and remixed it for the KOF series countless times? So, A+ to SNK and Capcom. What’s wrong with remixes when composed with different interpretation? Nothing. See

[details=Spoiler][/details] for reference. UMVC3 is like a remix greatest hits of notable Capcom fighting franchises.

Seriously, what’s with MK’s soundtracks? They’re for the most part generic as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if you own a copy of Killer Instinct Cuts considering your taste in music.

I guess I’m not like you in that I have an open mind and appreciation for almost all types of music - except MK’s - and musical genres. Ah, well, to each his/her own I suppose. You gotta have an ear for such things. In fact, unless you can bring up some more fighters in mind, I can’t think of a notable fighter with worse music than MK because it’s not music at all; it’s ambiance. I’m so sure Ed Boon is sweating bullets worrying about if MK fans are going to like the game’s new tracks over the tweaked fighting mechanics & fatalities.

**You think the consensus outside the diehard MK fanbase would argue that is has better music than series such as… SF? no. KOF? no. BB? no. MVC? no. VF? no. Tekken? no. Smash Bros? nope. GG? nope. JoJo? nope again. Not to mention the millions of crossovers Capcom, SNK, etc. have done.

It’s bottom of the barrel in terms of music.** WTF you smoking? You have the audacity to trash UMVC3 and then suggest MK series is as a music powerhouse? 0/10.


As far as fighting games go, I’d argue it’s nowhere near the Top 10.

If we’re talking general video game soundtracks? Not even in the Top 100.


Okay, I may have jumped the gun there in claiming UMVC3 has the best vg soundtrack of all time, so I altered my thread title, but I’d still suggest that it has one of if not the best fighting game soundtracks out of sheer quantity of awesome tracks.

Yes, King of Fighters (especially '99 w/ tracks like “Tears”, “Esaka”, “Way to Rebirth” and… Holy Crap, I’m starting to doubt UMVC3 now) has awesome music. Same goes for Darkstalkers, SF, Tekken, X-Men vs SF, and countless others… but they have a lot of tracks you may absolutely hate – forgettable themes that Chun Li, Hsien-ko, Marduk, and other characters are guilty of possessing.

Now, not every song in UMVC3 is great – in fact, some suck. I’ll go so far as to say it doesn’t even have the best song in a fighting game but there are so many tracks from which you could easily compose a playlist that trumps those of other fighting games. It’s strength comes from the huge list of overall great themes to compliment the large cast.

Overall, I’d say it’s tough to beat when you compare it to other fighters track by track. The soundtrack for the most part is fun, wild, and fitting for such a fast-paced game. Unless you absolutely hate UMVC3’s style of music.

And you can’t say that because it doesn’t have the best fighting game song ever, it’s invalid. An artist may have the best song ever made but if the rest of the album sucks, who cares? In general, UMVC3’s is pretty damn good.


That title definitely belongs to Guilty Gear, no contest.


Pretty sure you haven’t listened to enough fighting game soundtracks.


Guilty, BlazBlue, CvS2, KOF on the whole, hell I’d even argue Brawl has a better soundtrack for a crossover game…


No Tekken, 3S, or old school Mortal Kombat listed makes this thread fraudulent as fuck.


It’s only great because it’s building of some of the best fighting game themes from the 90s.


Yes. It’s like a Greatest Hits Collection.

I mentioned Tekken. I’d wager Tekken 2 probably has some of the best music of all the Tekkens, figthers in general w/ “Black Winter Night Sky”, “As Bald As”, “Nobody Catch Me”, “Morning Field”, “Paul’s Miracle Deathfist”, “The Headshaker”, “Emotionless Passion”, “Ring a Bell”, “BE IN THE MIRROR”, etc…

It’s a Matter of Taste. Gotta look at the audience.
UMVC3 is a fun & chaotic game that presents all of its tracks to an audience looking for themes equally as fun & chaotic. You expect to find something like “BE IN THE MIRROR” or something from Mortal Kombat to be in the game?!?! That’s crazy. All of the tracks seem to satisfy a MVC fighter’s taste for cool character themes. I can’t say that about a lot of other games, especially when characters like Tekken’s Wang, Panda, Jack(s), Ogre, and Roger Jr., etc. have mediocre to complete crap themes.

What’s the point? I already know them. You should, too. If I have to list every fucking fighting game created on Earth to remind you if it has a great soundtrack, then it obviously sucks.

PS @GomuGomu‌
And since when in the Netherealm would anybody ever suggest that Mortal Kombat – old school especially – has great music? Great games but **let’s watch out who or what we call fraudulent when putting MUSIC & MORTAL KOMBAT in the same sentence. **


You mean themes like Cap’s, Spidey’s, and X-23’s, AKA your favorites?

I guess shit taste needs shit logic to justify it, but whatever. :coffee:


…Followed by even shittier logic from you? Assuming my logic was crap and my taste is crap, how could I even acknowledge fighters like KOF & Tekken as having great music? Step away from your copy of Karate Champ, troll. May not have listed a few fighters but I offered a taste of the ones that matter in terms of consistency and longstanding reputation, that’s all.

There must be a reason Capcom features the same – albeit remixed/varied – Cap and Spidey themes in every iteration. They’re good and people want to listen to them. This is without even mentioning Ryu, Trish, Zero, Firebrand, Doom, Akuma, Iron Man, Strider, Amaterasu, Jill, Wesker and countless other characters with great music to accompany them.

You’re the one with a steaming pile of shit in your emoticon’s cup.

I appreciate your comment and respect your opinion. I only wish they replaced Wolverine’s Power Rangers theme with [details=Spoiler][/details]… As far as my non-fighters, Castlevania:SOTN, FF1:O,FF6, FF7, and any Zelda game (especially Link’s Awakening) have some of my favorite vg music of all time.

@GomuGomu I won’t say it’s bad music. The style is definitely unique and synonymous with MK but I just don’t see people clamoring for the next big MK ost. It’s much more known for it’s violence. Put it this way, you’ll never see a concert for it (maybe they made one, I don’t know) of the magnitude and reverence of, say, Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess.


I like UMVC3 music quite a bit. Characters in this game have so much background built up and personality so when i hear tracks that I don’t like I can still enjoy them mid-game because they all fit their characters very well.

However, I’ve not once searched a youtube video to listen to UMVC3 music. The music works really well in game but doesn’t have much stand alone power. I’ll desire to listen to an old SF or KOF track every once in a while and listen to it outside of the game. To me that’s an important distinction for musical quality and why I don’t personally believe UMVC3 has an amazing soundtrack. Its amazingly functional but not like Oh god damn.

I think big big ups to the melee and brawl original compositions and remix work need to be mentioned. Like holy crap, the melee alt menu theme. I could listen to it for hours. And there was more production effort put into brawl’s music than there was effort put into entire Capcom games (sorry Capcom). They worked painstakingly on every track that could possibly fit in the crossover universe at all even a little and worked even harder to make sure the original content was up to snub. (unlocking songs was why I committed to that steamy turd game engine). Brawl was a blatant advertisement for nintendo’s music catalog and I mean that in the best way possible.

For non-fighters cuz why not (I really like vg soundtracks if thats not clear) I think Baten Kaitos (both games) and Lost Odyssey are forever underappreciated as amazing soundtracks. Also Paper Mario (n64 version) has some of the most memorable game music of all time.


Disrespecting that MK music? Crazy.



marvel 3 music is decent but really nothing special
in fact, most of the remixes I’d argue aren’t as good as past variants

examples: iron man/war machine, magneto, sentinel, captain america, morrigan, ryu, strider

I do genuinely like a lot of the music though. I really enjoyed the vanilla character select and win music. I’m so mad they took those out.


I still think it’s Third Strike but their styles are so vastly different it’s a matter of taste at that point. GG is definitely in the Top 5 for best OST overall, though. Fucking X2 was godlike.

“Quite Possibly the Greatest” is still jumping the gun by a Haggar) but there’s the main problem. A LOOOOOOT of these themes are remixes of something else or original tunes. Remixes are, well, just that. Remixes. Capcom has proven in the past that they’re more than capable of creating fantastic OSTs, just look at Third Strike. More often than not, remixing these classics have proven to be a bad idea. Just look at Third Strike Online Edition.

What, you’re mentioning greatest MK tracks and you don’t even bring up that song?

Oh, ha ha. You’re one of those fans. Not to mention listing X-23 in one of your favorites?

2/10, made me reply twice


Music in Marvel 3 is primarily just shitty remixes of character themes that were once good and forgettable new themes that sound more akin to jingles you’d hear in a commercial


UMVC3 doesn’t even have the best remixes nor the best character themes that characters had in other games.