UMVC3 Hit confirms / Team comp

I’ve been playing fighting games since I was a kid. I was mainly into the more fast pace style fighting games. X-men vs Street Fighter and all the MVC’s. I was never really amazing at those games but I loved playing. But just a few months ago I got a PS3 and picked up UMVC3. I’ve been playing it religiously since I picked it up. I also bought 2 arcade sticks. I’m very dedicated to learning but I’m having a few problems. I just have a few things I need help / tips / pointers on.

#1. I have trouble getting in on people. Most of the time I just dash in after calling an assist for coverage and I can’t figure out other ways to get reliable hit confirms.

#2. The team I’m using right now is Wolverine(barrage)/Iron Man(unibeam)/Strider(vajra). I feel like the team synergy isn’t really there for some reason. Wolverine and Iron Man do decently together I guess but when my Strider anchor comes in I just Level 3 Ouroboros, x-factor and just go nuts. Almost seems kind of cheesy/gimmicky.

#3. I have a lot of trouble putting a team together for some reason. I love the three characters I’m using but I also like using Spencer, Doctor Strange, Wesker, Ghost Rider. If anyone has any suggestions on what might work well together (even if it’s characters I haven’t mentioned) let me know.

I’ll take any suggestions or tips to help improve my gameplay.

My main concern is finding a team that works together well and will be easy for me to progress and learn but also win games. Also tips for getting in on people. Getting tired of just dashing in same time as someone else and their normals beating mine.

OH and any tips on how to just completely shut down a Captain America player would be nice : )