UMvC3: How Do I Improve My Game? (Give Suggestions)


I’ve been playing everyday for a few months now, starting to get use to my stick, got a nice team consisting of Zero, X-23 and Ammy (sometimes Spiderman) but im still not tht very good at the game. For instance, the highest difficulty i can go is normal and even sometimes i still get owned by the computer. So what im really asking is what were your ways you guys improved or got better. If possible share your story and journey to way you are now in UMvC3 :smiley: thanks!


The computer is not any good to practice against. In Marvel a lot of the skill comes from making your opponent guess wrong, and putting them in situations that take perfect quick reactions in order to avoid.

The CPU doesn’t get “confused”, it never gets “mixed-up”, when you attack it, it runs CanIBlock(difficulty), and if it returns “True”, then it will block the correct time - every time.

Unfortunately this will be a short thread because the real answer on “how do I get better at marvel” is: practice. You have to see what other people are doing in order to hit you, and you need to find out/discover what mixups you have that will get others confused and opened up.

The computer in Marvel isn’t good for anything except hitconfirming - it’s a great tool if you want to practice nothing but the absolute safest ways in, and if you want to do that then set the CPU to super hard. Even then you’re mostly wasting your time once you have the controls down. The majority of your time should be spent in training mode, learning new mixups and combos, or online, where you use the new combos and mixups.


For one I’ve never played against the computer. I’m a firm believer that all it does is teach you bad habits. Sure it may use some combos that a human would, but gameplay wise it is incredibly free, and easy to manipulate. When I starter playing AE I had no one to play it with and was afraid to try online. So I just stuck to playing arcade mode. It was the biggest mistake I could’ve made. I say this because on arcade, the bots will not block an ultra after a knock down. No human being will just decide not to block an ultra on stand up, and it took me a solid 2 months to break myself of my way of thinking that it would work.
Back to marvel though, a few of my friends just told me a combo or so with the characters I liked. Once I got used to the BNBS I had memorized, I started realizing certain combo creation opportunities. Which eventually led to making use of my assists and creating mix ups. It also helped to get used to the fact that marvel isn’t like street fighter, because you have to be offensive as much as you can and be able to block on a moments notice.

An example of my combo evolution with wesker.

My first month or so, my best combo that worked with xfactor and otherwise

:l:, :m:, :h:, :qcf::l:, :l:, :df::h:,:m:,:h:,:s:,:u:,:m:,:h:, air maximum wesker

My current best wesker combo that is an extension of my current bnb only possible in level 3 x factor.

:l:,:m:,:h:,:qcf::l:,:l:,:df::h:,:d::m:,:df::h:,:d::m:,:df::h:,:d: :m:,:m:,:h:,:qcf::m:,:l:,:f:,:s:,:u:,:m:,:h:, air maximum wesker
That last combo kills Thor from full health.


Sorry i got a lil confused bcoz i couldnt understand some of the terms used, but i get what you are trying to say. So are you suggesting that i keep going and practice combos with the characters that i use, such as create mix-ups. Also, with the stick sometimes i cant perform moves that require the directions from zero’s Ryujin fast enough to incorporate in my combos. What do you suggest i do to get better with my stick?


Read the execution sticky if you haven’t. Other than that, go practice.


I agree that online is completely different from playing the CPU but for many new players, playing online is extremely boring or discouraging because we get bodied so hard.


Yeahh thts true, when i play online the 1st time i got my ass handed to me on a pedestal! i was pretty shocked at how fast i got owned, it was pretty discouraging but im still trying to better myself in this game.


So is it advisable to practice in training mode and against a CPU before going online. Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t matter how much I practice execution and combos since I almost never get an opening to use them in a real match online.


Yes, this is the ultimate problem with trying to learn marvel as your first fighting game (or your first VS game). VS games are all about the unfair setups and the crazy almost-cheap/infinite combos you can get away with. In order to get good at it you need to know how to escape and get into a lot of situations. Even though you’ll be completely and utterly bodied within seconds online, try to really pay attention to just how you lost each time.

Were they teleporting behind you? Were you holding block and somehow they hit you on the other side, such as incoming mixups? Whatever they are doing, you can do right back to them so don’t be afraid to steal some technologies.


Then what vs game do you suggest is good to start off with beginners? in your opinion i started with umvc3 because it was the cheapest at my store and i thought i might get into it.


Play more matches and watch high level players.


I think UMvC3 is a good as any game for starting out. I like SFIV since its a bit slower paced but really any game you play is gonna have a learning curve. Stick with it and you’ll get better :slight_smile:



Thanks for you advice, i’ll keep at it. :smiley:


Like others, I suggest keep your combos basic. The most important aspect of UMvC3 is fundamentals, i.e.
[]mix-up setups
]movement, i.e. wavedashing
[*]pressure, i.e. try to make your opponent block
Practice is definitely the way to go. You will lose a lot in the beginning but don’t let that discourage you. If you can, try to analyse what you did wrong in previous matches via a recording system. Find what you need to add and slowly add it in as you play matches.
Have a training friend if possible, ranked matches are really bad.

I wish you all the best new challenger


Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you picked the wrong game. Out of all the VS games you probably did pick up the “easiest” to understand. I was just making a general statement that they are hard to learn period :stuck_out_tongue:

My advice is to find people near your skill-level, be it online or in person.


What everyone here forgot to mention is hit confirmation (the ability to combo off an attack, wether it be in the air, ground etc.) and being able to attac from any situation, definitely check out the trial mode try learning those combos and making them your own, you can always take pieces of those combo and add them to your game. Hope I was able to help you a little bit.


I’ve found on of the critical elements of UMVC is gaining and maintaining pressure. Set opponent to push block all or random and work on staying in their face with attacks and assists.

That really helped me pick up my game. Blocking comes with experience against other players and watching replays to identify setups. Offense is almost entirely execution based.


Pick something cheap,hit training mode and try to find people to play OFFLINE