UMVC3 How should i go about choosing a point character?

Hey, every I’m not new to UMVC3 well i kinda am in a sense i don’t play it regurlarly like i do SSF4, but i was wondering how do people go about picking the point character, and the character surrounding the main. I usually like to play the odd ball character in the game that people wouldn’t normally use. So, for instance say i wanted to main or put point character in to the role of Rocket Racoon, or She hulk how would one go about building the team. I hear talks about team synergy but i have no idea what that means except for them cooperating well together.

The point character should be the character you expect to put in the most amount of work. Traits that generate a lean toward a character being a point character include:

  • Need for assists to get in (examples: Haggar, She-Hulk)
  • Need for assists to open opponent up (examples: Hulk, Ghost Rider)
  • Need for assists to stay “safe,” which means that they won’t get beat up on for not getting a hit when they get in (examples: Zero)
  • Ability to use assists to get huge damage (examples: Tron, Wolverine)
  • Ability to build a lot of meter (examples: too many to list, this game loves meter)

There are others but this is at least a decent list of core ‘point character’ traits.

Your second character should have an assist that helps the point character or be DHCable to/from, and your third character should serviceably help both of the first two out.

Your third character is of particular note here; your third character is commonly referred to as your “anchor,” so named because they can “hold down the team” on their own. Anchors generally use meter effectively and have high solo mixup potential.

She-Hulk, in your example, is a point character through and through; she needs the assists to get in and get good damage in Ultimate. I don’t know that she and Rocket Raccoon (who fits better in second or third slot thanks to his fantastic Log Trap assist and decent solo mixup/damage potential) synergize very effectively, because Rocket Raccoon’s best assist uses the wall bounce, and She-Hulk wants her wall bounce elsewhere in her combos.

Team synergy is, essentially, the ability of your team to cover its weaknesses. A team starting with a heavy like She-Hulk or Haggar that has trouble getting in, for example, benefits strongly from lockdown assists and projectiles; this is less of a need for a team starting with a quicker character. Check out the character forums on the UMVC3 board – a lot of them will have ratings of who assists that character well with explanations of why!

thanks for the quick feedback and info. im really trying to get in to this game i’ve bought it and havent played it sense cause i had no ideas on what to do lol. sure i can pull off a combo or two but it didnt help with the lack of synergy they had i got bodied my losses are like at 100 lol.

You pick Zero or somebody with a trenchcoat if you want wins with less effort.