UMvC3 Hulk



Alright, so we know our Jolly Green giant is getting some pretty legit buffs come November. However, I’ve been able to find little information regarding his new charge move…sans that it’s a charge move and has armor. Surprise.

For those of you who might’ve played around with Hulk in the new version, can you shed some light on the move? How much armor it has, startup, input, etc? I’ve had my hopes up that it’s similar to Viper’s focus - unblockable, given how long it looks like it takes to pull out. Otherwise I personally can’t see too many situations where it would prove useful.

Feel free to prove me wrong and ponder! Thanks.


Is this really the first dedicated thread to Hulk’s changes? Or am I just blind?

Anyway, I’d love to hear more information on that new punch as well. It seems pretty slow, so unless it’s unblockable or has more than 1 hit of armor, it might turn out to be pretty useless in neutral situations. Maybe it has some properties that make it great in combos! Who knows!?

What else is coming in November for Dr. Banner?


The new punch has 5 hits of Super Armor. Not sure if it is unblockable or not though.


5 hits? FIVE? Is this serious? Please tell me this is on video.


Last I heard it only had one hit of super armor, and that was very clear on video. Unless they changed it, I really can’t see 5 hits happening. That would be too much.


I still see no reason to use it over st.M right now. Sure, it wallbounces, but the best you can do if you’re across the screen is Gamma Charge xx Gamma Crush, and that’s assuming the opponent is in the corner afterwards.


Answer me this: does the punch have to be fully-charged to come out. If not, will it still wall-bounce?

I ask because the charge shown in the videos looks like it’d take forever, and even with a lockdown assist it wouldn’t mean a thing if it isn’t unblockable. Even if it does have all that armor, an opponent could probably recover and dodge even after committing to most attacks.


Pretty much this. Even with the armor, if it doesn’t have some other stellar properties it doesn’t seem like it’ll be that useful compared to st.M and st.H. Still…maybe in combos…?


It’s also a command normal - toward + M. This makes it much less useful than if it were a command special (qcf+s?) because presumably, you can’t cancel s.H or jump cancelled launcher into it.

IMO, get rid of the armor, make it wall bounce all the time and make it qcf+S.

cr.L, s.M, s.S jump cancel Wall Punch, dash xx j.H, j.S, cr.H, s.S xx BnB.


Why would you want them to get rid of armor, though? As long as having armor doesn’t require moves to lose other cool properties (wall bounce, in this instance) there’s no reason Hulk moves shouldn’t have armor, imo.

The issue with this move really is the speed, though. M and H work because even though they aren’t lightning fast, they’re quick enough to trade with other hits and give Hulk a combo. Maybe this move can serve the same purpose if you release it quickly, but if it’s just another 1-armor move, why did they even give it to us? And if it doesn’t get released quickly and is blockable, who out there won’t be able to just cover up 'til it’s over?

Like I said before though, maybe it’ll have some nice utility in combos, somehow. I can see myself using it in the corner after a gunshot OTG if it does good damage and the wall-bounce is useful.


^ I initially thought about removing armor as a trade off for making it wall bounce regardless of how long you hold it - currently it only wall bounces after fully charging it - of course, having armor AND wall bouncing all the time would be great, but there would need to be an incentive to charging it, i.e. make it unblockable - it’s getting to sound a bit OTT.

Really though, I think Hulk is fine as is - as long as he has a good lock down assist, he can make shit happen. Give him anything more than what he has and you start treading the fine line between top tier and broken tier - especially with all the nerfs that are hitting Wesker/Wolvie/Mags

In reality, this new move SHOULD be trash. If it is even remotely useful, watch out salt monsters :confused:


No move should be trash, if they are going to give a character a new move that will not be of any use than what’s the point? The move needs to have a purpose because all I see right now is a move that pushes opponents away from hulk outside of combo’s and that is not good for hulk.


What I’m saying, is that Hulk is under rated right now - he doesn’t need anything to be better, because then you risk making him TOO strong. He automatically gets “buffed” when the current top tier gets nerfed.

Hulk is perfect, as long as you have an assist that let’s you deal with zoners (beam or lockdown), and an assist that lets you one shot most of the cast (usually an OTG) - if you give him any more tools that are useful, then you risk making him OP


I do think it makes sense to buff Hulk’s s.H since that’s such a huge part of his arsenal. Zero’s normals should not be able to beat that out.


Definitely. As he is, Hulk loses to both zoning and rushdown. IMO, he should be very vulnerable to zoning, but having Hulk in your face should be terrifying, and characters like Zero (and Morrigan, ugh) just walk all over him with no effort. The extra armor on s.H is going to completely change the way those matchups are played.


Morrigan and Zero are just going to be substituted for Ghost Rider and Nemesis on our annoyance list. I watched that video with the change logs today and the main thing I noticed was Nemesis’s jumping tentacle normal had several hits. That seems like it could potentially be a pain in the ass with the range on it. They also won’t croak to a lovetap like Morrigan/Zero do.


Ghost Rider I agree looks like it’ll be an awful matchup. But Nemesis tentacles should be like Dhalsim’s normals in the sense that he has to extend a vulnerable hitbox out with them, so s.H should work fine, though a hit will probably leave him out of range of most followups. Ghost Rider looks terrifying because his normals should be more like sword normals that don’t have vulerable hitboxes.


Yeah Rider concerns me the most so far. He’s one of the people I plan to run with heavily, so hopefully I can find a hole in his game big enough to fit a green fist through. At first glance though he seems like a Hulk nightmare to me. I’m going to fish through the Nemesis thread looking to see if there is any confirmation of the hitbox on that tentacle.

[S]Also regarding the new move, I believe in the video it said it was :f:+:h:?? I can’t check at the moment to confirm, anybody else know for sure?? [/S]Edit: Confirmed :f:+:m:

I’m pretty sure you can cancel a standing :m: or :h: into the charged punch. I don’t see any reason why not if it’s just a command normal. It might be more useful in that regard. For instance a standing :h: xx :f:+:m: xx :dp::h::h:. If you can scare people into blocking a :f:+:m: (similarly to st.:m: or :h:) you could cancel it into Gamma Tornado anytime during the charge before the actual hit comes out.

I could see it adding a little more depth to mix-up options. I dunno, just trying to think of any practical applications for it. My main concern is like others have stated, a wall bounce puts them across the screen and isn’t the most ideal situation outside of corner use. Then again, the corner is where I do most of my dirty work with the mixups.

More ideas: Speaking of corner, I thought about this on incoming characters (like a snapped in phoenix). If you charge up the punch as they’re coming in they should have little to no option for escape. If they just hold back you cancel into Gamma Tornado before the hit. If they try to fly or attack you with a multi-hitter or air projectile, Gamma Crush. Air dash or double jump over you? Gamma Tornado in the opposite direction. I think the delay on the punch alone could prove nice on incoming characters.


Loving the way you think, Redbeard.


Thanks :D. I want to see what kind of combo applications we can come up with in November. I’m thinking it’ll make carrying a combo into the corner a cakewalk, though right now most of our combos already do this pretty easily.

I really want to see what new assist goodies from the new characters mesh well with Hulk too. Ghost Rider and Iron Fist have sparked my interest to pair up with him. Might have to drive up to NYCC.