UMvC3 Hulk

What do you guys do when a s.H is blocked? Call an assist? Go into a GC?

I’m running Hulk, X-23, in interchangeable positions and the anchor is almost always different. I’m dedicated to Laura so she isn’t going anywhere but from watching combo videos Hulk doesn’t even need an OTG assist.

You should buffer s. H. when there’s the possibility of the attack being blocked. What you should buffer it into depends on the situation. I typically buffer into Vertical Gamma Charge with the H follow up for frame advantage, but I will buffer into Gamma Tornado as once I’ve conditioned them to push block.

X-23 and Hulk get along very well. Hulk + Laura’s OTG assist is a great combination. You can TOD from any air-grab or Gamma Tornado and allows you full screen corner carries. IDK if her assist hits low, but if it does, then it offers unblockable setups which are always great to have in any team.

im gonna make a hulk combo video with my assits Stone Smite and Sentinel Force i have a thor kill combo with those assist wait for the video :wink:

@boj gary with glasses, GX, and bum are all very good hulks


Well this may be old but on in coming characters in the corner if you super jump then clap after the animation hit j.S and it causes a cross up and leads to a easy combo. Not gonna work everytime but against trouble characters like wesker its worth noting.

Yep this is quite old (Vanilla tech) - if you call an assist that locks down before you do the clap (i.e. Lariat, Dark Hole) it’ll cover you if they block the S - it also makes it really ambiguous.

I used this with Gustaff Fire in Vanilla - 50/50 cross up with Hulk, they fall into Tron assist and then you can confirm with falling j.S - without air X-factor, this was pretty much lead to instant death if you guessed wrong. I miss Vanilla :frowning:

Many of these are possible with slow assists like Drones, Rocket Raccoon’s gun, Tenderizer, or, in certain cases Jam Session, which, IMHO is one of Hulk’s best assists. (Arguably his best)

On entry:

  • Call assist. Gamma Charge under when they enter the screen.
  • Call assist. Gamma Charge, then retreat using :l: to fake the mix-up.
  • Call assist. Immediate j :h: or fake j :h: into cr :l: . Depending on which assists you use, you can get a couple of H/L reps with this.


  • Call assist. Vertical Gamma Charge into :m: .
  • Call assist. If the opponent is crouching, Dash-Hop over them.
  • Call assist. If the opponent is crouching, Dash-Hop over them, immediate cancel into Vertical Gamma Charge. (This one is tricky to block)
  • Call assist. If the opponent is crouching, Dash-Hop over them, immediate j :h: or fake j :h: into cr :l:

If you use a character with a Gun Super like Dante or Deadpool, you can mix the opponent up using his Dash-hop on a crouched opponent.
If the opponent stands, you can go for a quick j :h: followed by a fake j:h: into low. Now, all of these are easy to see if done without the covering of the THC, but behind them, they become more effective.

I know most of this is figured out for people who have been playing Hulk a while, but I thought I’d jot these down in one spot for some of the newer Hulk players.

Hey guys. Just bought ultimate yesterday and I’ve got couple questions.
Am I crazy or is it impossible now to otg after air throw with Wesker’s assist? Also does gamma tornado throw further away? I’m having harder time getting that otg assist in time.
Can you guys get gamma charge aa after otg gamma wave consistently in a match? I’m getting hang of it, but it just doesn’t feel reliable.

After getting randomed out by Spencer number 813 online, I decided I needed someone who does damage and doesn’t lose so hard to random hits. I’ve gone through a long series of characters from Nemesis to MODOK to Sentinel. Now, I think I’ve finally settled on Hulk because he works REALLY well with Arthur. While I haven’t really finalized my team yet (currently Hulk/Arthur/X), I feel the need to ask: Are there any interesting tricks to playing a non-scrub Hulk? I’m finding that I really like the actual character and want to learn more than the basics (as in integrating st.M, cr.L, command throws, TOD combos).

Seriously, why did I wait so long to try this guy? There’s WAYYY more to him than random scrubs tend to show.

vergil vs hulk should be easy for you you need to use swords and mainly respect the H so don’t keep teleporting!

thats because online you do not need to most of the time just H works so they are not going to change if they keep winning

What are some good assists for Hulk in regards to incoming characters? I used to time X-23’s ankle slice with an H which seemed to be unblockable, I don’t think it was though.

sent’s drones do his H anti air then M and it can cross up or do H anti air H which doesn’t cross up.

I figured I would go around and post this on character forums so folks can check it out:

it would be nice if hulks gamma quake still had a hitbox on the ground pound. i’ve always wondered why it wasn’t included. oversight perhaps?

edit: **ORANGE HULK **for dlc


This may be old news, but I’ve been running Hulk/Haggar/Doom with missile assist. It seems to me that Hulk’s forward dash can cross-up a lot of the cast if they are crouch blocking incoming missiles, haven’t tried against everyone. This also works when calling Haggar’s assist.

If the character doesn’t have an air dash, I like calling drones and super jumping. Coming down with S is almost like a 50-50 with the right timing. Also if they block it and come out on the right side, medium command grab is free right after the last drone is blocked.

If they do, and you have a meter to waste, just do the dragon punch super. If they block its a free command grab there too.

Or you can just do old faithful and stand in the corner under their incoming character. Then wait for them to appear directly overhead, then standing H. With some timing practice you can cross up.

I used to play Hulk/Sent/Haggar with Sent’s RP assist but I am thinking to move to Sent’s drones for better results. Which of these two assists is better?

What is the frame window for L or M Gamma Tornado→call Sentinel’s drones assist→Gamma Charge H~L→Gamma Wave L then relaunch?

Thx & Smash!!