UMvC3: Incoming Mixups



I was wondering what incoming Mixups you guys do with Jill? Also, I have Amaterasu’s Cold Star if that cold help any.


With a lockdown assist? Mostly feral dash forward and up for the falling S overhead cross-up, or feral dash forwards for the 6H overhead from behind, or just try the 6H overhead anyway while the lockdown assist pummels the bad guy into the corner. It’s surprising how much that overhead works.

Without one, somersaults for predicting attacks or feral dashes for getting behind the real defensive guys without them realizing it, or jumping MMHS to start some heavy block pressure if they might be seeing those coming.


with cold star you can call ammy then jump lmhs, land and feral crouch into w/e


Feral Crouch, gauge the opponent, somersault.


^ this. Most people swing at you on incoming. Just somersault :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if they don’t do some cross up overheads.


I wish I could see the look on peoples’ face, when they come in with Doom and immediately foot dive; only to be beaten by somersault. lol


They never learn Neven, they never learn…lol

If they don’t do anything cross them up with Feral Dash U/F and you’ll be hitting them in the back before they hit the ground with Feral Dash U/F+S as they come in. She is some what invincible during small frames after her teleports get started mid way. I just tried doing that teleport dash on Doom and went through the foot dive to be right in back of him nailing him for that Foot Dive stuff.

If they try to fly up when they come in you can also cancel her somersault back into feral. which I do any way cause if it hits after I cancel it back into feral, you just feral M either way after somersault confirms. So it leaves you safe and still ready to do another somersault if they foot dive late.

During Feral, H+2, 2+S, do it quickly so it buffers and there you go.


Yeah, I mix-n-match on some people. I usually start off with Somersault as they come in, and once their next character comes in, I figure that they’re expecting the same thing and most likely will do nothing but block; so I take the opportunity to FD up behind them and plant a nice boot on their face. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for flyers and dashers, I know it’s rather unsafe, but I cancel Feral Stance at the last minute and just meet them with a jump loop (jM jM jH jS…) into cartwheel, etc… lol

Speaking about teleports, don’t you find it infuriating when you’re already on the other side of the character, yet, you’re still caught by the opponent’s cr.L or M!?

P.S.: I am such a fucking “2M” Junkie. Not proud of it… :frowning:

Also, the only time I cancel somersault is when I do an exhibition at the end of a match. :frowning:
“som som som som som som”


2M is good there are very few attacks in this game that work like true meaties. abuse abuse abuse abuse


2M is really good though especially if used as a command grab set-up, delay it to catch them with Jill’s command grab when they recover. Or just go into arrow kick when it’s whiffed then cancel that and continue to rush down. Learing to cancel the somersault is great, cause it’s unsafe if blocked and not canceld. If they fly I jump up or teleport up and grab them then I combo off of 623+L+modoks balloon bomb assist, then they die lol.


I have major conflicts with almost all of my assists. I too could combo off of Jill’s crappy throws if I had Sent’s bomb assist, but at the same time I need Drones in order to get in with Dante. :frowning: What assist do you give Jill? I always just go for Arrow Kick since I find somersault to be pretty ineffective, except when Alpha countering with it, but usually I only alpha counter beams and shit. Cartwheel on the other hand, eff’s with my ground bounces for Dante’s combos. ://///


Naw bro, drones are great and I use them as well. For that team either Arrow Kick or Somersault will do great. Dante can also use Arrow Kick as a cheap mans magneto disrupter assist with teleports you can also use both to combo off throws and otg bullets with Dante. With crystal assist with Dante Jill could combo off of her regular jumping air throws near the corner. You can also use drones to combo off of Jills ground or air back throws. You do this by ticking sents drone assist and grabbing them with a back throw into the drones. Try it in the lab it works. I would probably never use cartwheel assist with Jill since her other two options are better.


Yeah it’s sad that Jill has to be reduced to use herself as a projectile, vis a vis; Arrow Kick. :frowning: I remember back when Ultimate was announced I was over the moon, because I felt that they were gonna allow Jill to take the mother-fucking machine guns that are holstered to her legs and give her in the very least an air projectile or some shit. #WishfulThinking. Instead they whacked her a couple of times with the nerf bat. >:(

A setup I was running for a while was with Dante’s Weasel Shot, I would wait for the opponent to tech-roll back, dash toward them, call Weasel shot, and do Jill’s 6H at the same time. I thought it to be somewhat of a decent mixup, but then I started getting blown up by random shit, so I’ve put it on back burner since then. I’mma try seeing what I can do with Crystal in the meantime, hadn’t really thought of that until recently too for some reason. lol Thanks for the tip. :wink:


To be honest I would rather use weasel shot for Jill than crystal even if crystal helps me land a combo off of throw. Weasel shot is just a all around better assist for her. Its better to use weasel shot then teleport in back of them as they recover so there is less chance of a blow up. You just have to know who your facing and what they can punish depending on who they use sometimes you just have to be more careful and bait stuff.

Since you already have drones though, crystal may be a okay idea. Maybe even Jam Session might be a decent assist as well on that team. Jill and Sent have some if not the best alpha counters in the game. When they try to be too aggressive against my Modok, Somersault alpha counter can lead to death at times. With all the infinites going around, alpha countering in Jill then comboing them from there than THC into the Dante infinite will be hella stupid. Plus Sentinel has one too, HAH!



Speaking of which, have you tried to find if Jill has the golden ticket (i.e. has an infinite)? I tried, and tried but to no avail. She just doesn’t have many options in the air (duh) to be able to juggle the opponent. I almost got two reps on Dormammu/Sentinel off of;

downward TAC > delayed j.M > j.H> j.M > j.M.> j.H > j.M, but they just pop out after 2 reps. >:(

Whatever, as long as Dante/Sentinel have one I’m fine (at least while they last.)


Haven’t you seen this?



HAH all my characters have one, lol!







Okay, so I was onto something :smiley: I still feel stupid for giving up on it when I was like 99% there though rofl


Me too, Me too bro, lol.


Hey, Galz, you gonna be repping Jill at EVO?