UMVC3 is not dead. Keep it alive by encouraging more people to make combos like these

#1 Amazing Akuma Combos (By SaishuuKessen) Amazing Doctor Doom Combos (By El Gato) Amazing Magneto Combos (By Darchon25) Amazing Wesker Combos (By residentevilrulz) Amazing Dante Combos (By CRINALE5) Amazing Synergy (HULK, Haggar and Sentinal) By Comboman70 Amazing M.O.D.O.K Combos (By El Gato) Amazing XFactor lvl3 Nova combos (short) By Lloydarts Amazing Tag team Ryu and Akuma combos by SaishuuKessen Amazing Amy Combos By Capcom Amazing Nova Combos (By AnythingMooNs) Amazing Strider Combos (By SaishuuKessen) Amazing Sentinel Command Grab Followup (By joey86641) Amazing Combo video (Multiple Characters) By ClaSSIc Amazing Combo video (Multiple Characters) By EndlessComboz Amazing Sentinel XFactor lvl3 Sentinel Combos By Amongst Shadows AmazingSynergy (Magneto, Dante and Sentinel) By Amongst Shadows Amazing Hsien-Ko Combos and Tech by Alrikir Amazing Dormammu Combos by hicham nasiri Amazing XFactor Zero Combos by HitBoxes (I need a Zero) Amazing Taskmaster combos by IceColdCombo Amazing Magneto Combos by Aziz Akbar Amazing ** Chun Li** Combos by Coon Li Amazing ** Deadpool** Combos by Anonymous
90% Original combos!
I could post boring videos of the same stuff. I don’t because I dont want this game to die.
More to come later


God bless Marvel! Death to the unbelievers! Marvel est aeterna!


People say UMvC3 is dead? Combo videos will save the game?

News to me.


A lot of people do not play it anymore because they say that “Too many people do the same combos” “Too many people are cheap and spam”. So I posted this to show people that people are trying out there.


good stuff


If the death of marvel comes sooner than later it will be: because of zero, dante, vergil, doom, wesker and spencer riders wanna see more point skrull, shuma, tron, strange etc. People like rubek, kain are mad fun to watch even chris g morrigan is fun too the rest are copycats. Tired of seeing hidden missiles attached to a character just because.


last thing the game needs is to be more combo centric.

as for saying that too many people playing “cheap and spam”, that just shows their lack of knowledge of how fighting game works. theres a science to playing a keepaway game.


Ok I will look for some skrull, shuma, tron and Doctor strange combos.


This thread needs some Wackbot.


Wackbot??? What does that mean? Sentinal?


Sentinel, Iron man, Felicia, Strider, Arthur, Storm, Deadpool and so on

Actually the thread is a good idea for all the lesser character combo at the top not spread out everywhere


I updated it. I added 2 new videos but I am still looking. My checklist is Sentinal Iron man Felicia Arthor Storm Deadpool Taskmaster Dormammu and Storm


Yes, it means Sentinel.


Hmm It’s hard to find new Sentinel stuff but I will see what I can find.


What do you think you are doing?


People with complaints like that are not worth listening to. Combo videos don’t prove anything, too.




UMVC3 will only die when UMVC4 is released.


lol If Marvel ever was on it’s deathbed, Cool Comboz aren’t gunna save it.

sounds like the typical online casuals to me


I agree, however I don’t see many people online anymore. Most of my friends say that UMvC3 has lost its touch and nearly everyone they play usually have Vergil on their team and 2 characters with useful assists which they can’t even use correctly. I on the other hand think that there are still some decent players online who will fight correctly and not ragequit if their spam doesn’t work. People who wouldn’t avoid you if you beat them once. Those are the guys I am seeking, the ones with cool combos and awesome defense. Unique teams and play in a friendly style. I personally am a 3rd Lord and I dont mind getting beat by Comics as long as they give respect (tea bagging, Rage quitting etc). I don’t think Marvel is dead but I dont want it to die.