UMvC3: Ive got some questions and looking for ALOT of tips and help. pls read

Hi there…

this is gonna be long. I am sorry for any bad spelling, English isnt my native language.
If you decide to read all of this let me thank you in advance for atleast taking your time and effort to do that.
If you dont have any intention of helping me, or want to mock me, please save your time and mine.

Let me start of by saying that i am new here and decided to go for my ‘own’ thread as i have many questions and looking for** alot** of tips from beginners and vets alike, as well as opinions and it seemed the best way to get all the info i will (probably) need is to get it in 1 organised place.

That being said: i found this forum after looking around online how to improve my skills at umvc3, and this forum seems to be my best bet.

umvc3. Awesome game. I suck at it. Horribly.
I like fighting games/beat 'em up’s for as long as ive remember, from the first Tekken, to Destrega, to Streetfighter EX+A. I could hold my own in Tekken 6, Streetfighter4 etc online, although i wasnt really ‘good’ good. lets say 40/60 W/L. ive always had an interest in the mvc series, as all those other games feel sluggish and slow and i like fast paced action, but never gotten myself deeply into it until now, and i r e a l l y like the game, the way it looks, the speed, the soundtrack, the voices, everything is great for me about this game

…Except when i get beaten by everyone.

Now ive played fighting games before and i understand the basic stuff (im by far not a expert though), and although i never really took the time to fully learn/understand online game-terms etc i could still find the fun (even when i was losing) in playing offline and online

But in this game… i just cant seem to win in this game online, and im starting to lose the fun in it …Way before i even got this game i checked online to see what characters i would like, how they played, combo’s vids, ppl’s opinions, streams, checking forums (lurking on this one) etc etc. First thing i did when i got this game was pick Zero,Dante and Vergil, play arcade mode 3 times, and then to practice mode.

Ive stayed there for roughly a week before going online for the first time. Mostly grinding Zero and Vergil and swapping Dante here and there in practicemode for others but nobody else really fits the spot for me, until i knew some basic combo’s , there speed, blocking (although my def is still bad), (combo)hypers etc. Ive spend 23 hours in Practice mode total. I would say Vergil is the one im best at using.

online EVERYONE BEATS ME. when i put the search enigine to same region and same skillevel, it still feels like everyone is way better then me in every single way. Like i said i play Zero,Dante,Vergil and a team of Amaterasu,Spiderman,Tron would own me of the same skill level. Out of shame i deleted my online record because ppl would leave lobbies when seeing it (im not even kidding) or send hatemail before we even fought. The score was 1-132 W/L with me playing seriously 133 matches out of the 133.

I need help, tips, anything that could help with the following below. After looking around here i can pinpoint some of my ‘weaknesses’

I need help with the following:

-getting ground combo’s into air combo’s correctly.
i can do it offline, but cant online. I have a stable 3 to 4 bar connection so lag isnt the issue, but i cant seem to break through my opponents defenses. Even getting a simple ground combo to fully connect is a task for me in its own right. I need better ways to get things started. Also, i just cant seem to get the timing right when hitting someone in the air and following them (i.e: my Vergil hits someone,he kisses the sky, and then vergil stays down to drink thee or something waiting to get punished…)
-block/advance block (although that one i can fix myself, timing is everything i know, but my def is still so bad)
-opponents teleporting, using assists and hitting me from 2 sides, opening me up to a world of pain
-me using assists correctly (they ussually end up being shields except Vergil)
-escaping combo’s/air combo’s
-knowing when to switch characters
-knowing what kind of combo’s to use and when.
these are the major things i could figure out myself, but there’s probably more that i need to improve. Please add me up on PSN, its the same name as my username here, and if you have the time plz play against me and reply here or send me a message with any and all tips and help.

I know most answers will be: Check streams, play practice mode, watch combo vids, play with friends, use wesker etc etc but ive been doing that for almost a week now (except the wesker part, cant play with him, doesnt feel right) and still there almost no improvement on my own.

So any and all help and tips will be greatly appreciated!

Also ive got some questions:
Is my team any good? should i replace someone?
Does playing with an arcade stick help?currently using a ps3 controller
If i set up a lobby with the same skill level cap as mine, and put the title to the beginners one, will that help in finding opponents better suited for me?
If vets delete theyre online-stats, will they be able to enter beginner lobby’s ?
Is there any hope for me?

Thnx in advance.

If you want, I can help you tomorrow, just PM me around 3:00 P.M EST. Dead tired right now.

thank you, i cant really say for sure that i can be online at that time, but ill try and if possible, then ill pm you.

Honestly you said it yourself, you are new. Just keep practicing, and make sure you practice your mixup setups (like on incoming characters, set ups after your combos and what not. Work on specific character matchups too. Also work on your hit confirms, set the dummy to random block,

Being new you are going to lose, and lose bad A LOT. Worst thing to do is get discouraged, best thing to do is to analyze and figure out where you went wrong and try to fix it. It is a very slow process from becoming bad to mediocre in fighting games. A lot of the people you are playing have been playing fighting games for a long time and have all the fundamentals down.

I understand what you are saying but how can i get better in mixups? like i said in offline mode playing against the cpu in practice mode and in arcade mode i can manage it, but online i dont even get the chance to start things up. Its not a lag issue because i have 3-4 bars, and watching tutorial/combo vids just makes me feel even worse because i cant pull those things off haha

Well, the team you picked aren’t the easiest to learn, that’s for sure.
One thing I can suggest is looking at how people play with those
characters. You could easily find footage of Vergil, most likely Dante and
Zero, too. I found that playing people with a similar team helps improving my
Also, the record you gave gives me the impression you have a hard time
connecting basic a b c combos, but I could be wrong. If so, I can only suggest
practicing. My sister is pretty bad at this game. To give you an idea, she had trouble
doing a basic :dp: :p: attack motion. She’s practiced it recently, and can do it
60 % of the time. That may not be impressive for most, but for her, just learning that
boosted her confidence a little.

To answer some of your questions :

  • yes your team is good. I don’t know about Zero, but DAnte and
    Vergil work great. But, like I said, your team isn’t exactly beginner friendly,
    especially zero.
    -I have no idea. I currently use a 360 regular controller and i’d say you can
    easily play this game with it. It’s just you’re going to have a hard time doing the more
    advanced stuff on it.
    -If your talking the none ranked lobbies, then yeah, I think so. I’ve seen a decent amount
    of beginners play the lobbies.
    -I have no idea
    -There is hope so long as you’re willing to put the effort to practice.I once had a 26%(or
    maybe 36%, I forget) and eventually reached 50%. :slight_smile: May not be much to many, but I
    was happy when I accomplished that goal.

really? not the easiest?? i can understand that from Dante (it happens that when i execute a certain combo/special move, he does something completely different then intended) but Vergil i think i get about 60-70 percent of his moves, although his teleports and cancels give me major problems. And ive wtached pretty much all the vids i can find about these 3 but i dont feel like they are helping much
I would jump a hole in the sky if id had your record lol, thank you for youre advice.

Your right about the Vergil thing, he isn’t as hard compared to the other 2.

Really, the one advice I can give you that I forgot to say is to use your teleports
backed up by assist! That tactic by itself gets a lot of people, myself included sometimes.
I have run across multiple Vergil players that all they did is that and had like 50% wins.
Also, one thing with Vergil that gets me when I’m jumping in is his insanely long reaching normals.

I’d help you but I’m no pro either, I’m merely meh in this game.

This genre takes years of dedication to become truly proficient. Just play the game. Expecting immediate results is foolish.

ill take any advice i can get so thank you.

Also im using Vergil as an anchor because of his devil trigger and level 3 x-factor. Do you think thats the best way to use him? or should i run him first or second?

Ive played many fighting games, not just the one’s that came out when online gaming hit the scene,and like i said above i could hold my own in Tekken 6 and SF4 without much difficulty and although i never considered myself pro, i could hold a 50/50 W/L, something thats good enough for me. Its just that this game is giving me alot of trouble

In a nut shell just learn combos.

You can use teleporting or assist to help you land combos. Basically crouch hit, anti crouch hit or grab into a combo.

If the other person tries to use combos just block it but try not to take too much chip damage even though sometimes it’s kinda impossible not to.

Easy way to swap characters is just to do that during a combo.

Wolverine is a good starting character, has a teleport move that attacks from behind right away or simple attack straight forward, very simple, very easy.

Honestly, if it was up to me, I’d put him at least second. Going by your team, Zero is best played first
from what I’ve see. Dante I think should be last because out of all your characters, he has
the best assist from you team, and Zero and Vergil would benefit from him as an assist.
In this game, if you want to be decent imo, you have to have good assist backing you up.

could you tell what assist is the best for Dante when using Z/V/D ?

Dante is a pretty hard character to use but I guess you should try and learn some nice easy gigs damage combos for each of your characters. I’m not too sure about Zero he has low health. Have you tried using hulk he has great hypers very easy to do combos. Bare in mind most people that are on this now played MvC3 so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Idk, probably weasel shot. The reason I’d suggest that assist is that it covers a
fairly good amount of space, and would be good with assist teleport mix ups
with Vergil and it’s help Zero cover ground space as well. Honestly though, I
don’t know that much about Dante. Tried him because of his awesome looking combos, but
realized he’s just not for me (that and I wasn’t good at confirming normals into combos and I
sucked with him lol)

I suggest you ask in one of the forums of Dante for assist stuff, and general help with
him. I always look around in the character pages for help on character stuff. Has helped
me a ton, Hope it does to you too.:smiley:

I myself love Weasel Shot :smiley: try it, it’s awsm.

Those are really the most important things, though. This game isn’t as much about memorizing a moves list as it is about learning set-ups and approaches for your characters, and with Vergil, you picked a character that you really have to be precise with; he is super unsafe and punishable. You need to have a good handle on his teleports, or else you will be killed, and you need to be able to cancel his moves to keep them safe, or you will be killed; until you can do these things, your Vergil is a walking dead man. When you are watching other people play, watch how they are keeping themselves safe and moving around on the screen; in fact, you might want to go into practice mode and just try moving around with your characters and their dashes and teleports, get used to it. I have a feeling that you are just not understanding the game right now, because it is a lot different than SF and Tekken, but I’m sure it will come to you if you put in the time.