UMVC3 Jump attacks into lows

Sorry if this is a dumb question I’m very new, I did some looking around but couldnt find anything definite.

When you are low blocking and an opponent does a jump attack does it count as an overhead? I tend to low block a lot and people always seem to crack me good with jumping attack into full combos. It blows.

Also after the jump attacks everyone seems to go to low attacks. How the hell do you combat this? Ever fought X-23 who fucking dives in, seemingly overhead, then spams low L…holy shit. Please help.

Yep. That’s probably the most relevant H/L mixup SJ. ADDF air l/c.l Its just a reactions thing, block high then low.

Unless you’re playing online.

Then just get hit.

Like a lot.

X-23’s rushdown is serious business. The ideal situation is to use longer-range characters or assists to slow down her approach so that you can hit her into a combo. Luckily, most X-23s can’t do mirage feint-canceled heavies, so her safe normals will usually have lower range. Don’t try to zone her completely out unless you have a dedicated zoner like Ghost Rider; instead, try to keep just out of reach while throwing out safe normals.

Push-blocking can help against several characters with low range crouching lows, especially if they commit to something like X-23 jumping in and doing her down H or QCF L (I can’t tell which you are describing); however, you have to be careful with characters like Doctor Doom and Firebrand that can pretty much negate push-block if played correctly.

Chicken-blocking is another way; before they reach you, hold up-back and they won’t be able to mix you up with lows. Again X-23, this avoid a lot of the up-down mixups, but it doesn’t avoid left-right mixups. Also, X-23 is still no slouch at moving around in the air.

Anti-airs are a method that’s risky, but underrated. I’ve seen Ryus and Caps use their anti-airs to get out of problematic situations.

The best way in general to avoid high-lows is to stop the character from getting too close, especially online where lag can mess up your reactions.

Just be thankful that you’re not fighting Magneto or Spider-Man; those are even worse than X-23 in the high-low salt department.

Yeah, like mentioned the pattern in this game is, whenever someone jumps, block high then block low. Ideally though, you really should have some kind of reversal or push-block or something ready after blocking (or in some cases before blocking, so you avoid the situation altogether before it happens), you really want to avoid being on the defensive for too long.

You can avoid the mixups by chicken-blocking, but that opens you up to air throws, so you have to watch out for that. Another thing you can do is chicken-block the high then air-throw the opponent before they land (or high block into regular throw after they land).

Anti-airs can work too, but that’s very dependant on what character you have or what character you’re fighting against. Spidey can spider-sting to beat out most air attacks, Doom can use missles or sphere flame to hit anyone attacking from directly above (but not diagonally above like, say, where Vergil usually attacks from), Sent can jump straight up (or up-back) and j.M or j.H, then double jump forward or fly and do it again. Characters with a fast air dash and a good air normal like Doom and Storm can super jump straight up, wait for the opponent to be under them, then dash down while pressing a button (i.e. j.M for doom, j.S for storm).

There’s lots of options available, you just need to figure out where the character you’re fighting is most likely to attack from and what options you have available to you when they do that.

I really learned something today. Thanks guys.

Note: Advice may not apply (at all) to online play.