UMVC3 Learning to wavedash

Hi all,

Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips on how to learn how to wavedash. I think I understand the motion (2 atks + down, repeat) but I’m having trouble doing it consistently (attacks often come out).

I’m understand what the end result should look like, but I think I’m more interested in how you practiced it in order to get it consistently (IE. Did you put the inputs slowly and then gradually increased your speed? Is there some timing trick you used?)


Listen to any player doing a wavedash, and get the rhythm for the inputs.

Wavedashing is rather lenient on the input, and you will almost never be in a situation where you need to wavedash perfectly. It’s ok if your wavedash is a little imperfect.

If you have a background from SF4, you may be interested in knowing that you can plink dash instead of wavedash, and that dashing this way is actually slightly superior to wavedashing.

Thanks for the advice! Do you happen to know any links to videos I could watch?