UMVC3 leaves a lot of questions unanswered

O.K so first up on the bracket, firebrand A.K.A good ol’ red arremer from snk vs cap is in,
but will he as"good" as he’s was (whoever played super plus knows what i’m talking about).
Second, has the NET…CODE been revamped, because i haven’t played many online matches
but the lag was noticeable in the ones i did.3rd is Strider [insert fan cheers] of course his level 3
is Ragnarok but has legion been buffed,nerfed or deleted in any way, and what are these
"new modes"???
i think capcom has some lea… i mean explaining to do.

Well there is a conference today at scc. Also, the game is 4 months away, I want more news just as bad everyone does. However they said a lot in one week they have to keep some information a secret. Just gonna have to wait.

We have an existing UMvC3 thread.