UMvC3 List of C. Viper Changes

You think their will be any? I call charged seismo’s. Because two of the street fighter characters have charged moves confirmed. Control the angle of the seismo’s a little bit and a hard knockdown. I’m half joking but wouldn’t that be awesome?

Only thing is I don’t think we’ll see much Viper play before the game comes out. Thought I would make this thread to hype any changes she may have or dissapoint all of you. Or talk about what you would change about her. Give/take away. Go!

I can see charged Seismos, but angle control would probably be OP. :smiley: I’d love it, but OP.

…and you just got my hopes up for charged Seismos. Imagine the ridiculousness-ness.

Wouldn’t it be? I’d imagine for a hard knockdown type property it would be ridiculously slow, but worth it if you can convert into a combo.

A game with a long OTG window with an OTG that leads into hard knock down? XD No thank you, new Viper infinite would be TK charge seismo x N.

I hope they nerf EX seismo, add 1-2 frames more before you can jump cancel any seismo, slight nerf to focus attack, and slightly buff her normals.

Oh and give her damage scaling closer to everyone else’s Major nerf.

In the vids we saw, it seemed that her damage from normals was slightly less, but this could be the new interface trolling me. I have been hearing that damage is slightly lower across the board, so it could be a scaling change.

The BB/GG player in me says that you shouldn’t be able to cancel on wiff. This would fix viper up pretty quick, you miss with a siesmo, you can’t cancel into EX or jump. The other easy fix is to lower meter gain, Viper doing huge damage isn’t a problem, it’s doing it meter neutral. If doing a 3 bar combo (EX moves) actually cost meter, viper’s damage would be more in control. As it is now, it’s hard to get a touch and not kill the other bastard.

Also, Ghost Rider Chain assist seems like it’ll be really good with Viper.

Well you would make the charged seismo long enough so it would negate any infinite. Can’t use it in combos too much that way then. It would definitely be just to start combos. I’m not sure on this but can’t you only get one hard knockdown per combo?

I was thinking about that the other day FlyingVe. But I don’t believe capcom would debuff Viper like that. Just because her learning curve as a player in general is high that if you miss one seismo she’s dead. Risk reward would mean almost no one would use the seismo except for in combos

landing a hit with viper’s terrible normals is a job in itself, it would be a crime if she got any nerfs for the amount of work it takes to land a hit with her short nubs

You can get infinite hard knock downs per combo this is most important for Dante and Zero who hit with level 3 buster/hammer/jump S a lot in combos, heck, even Viper gets 2-3 often.

I can only hope that the “Viper EX’s looked cheaper” comment was just misinformation. With other top characters getting damage nerfs, it’d be crazy to see Viper more potent in UMVC3 :smiley:

I like the changes proposed by Chrisis honestly.

I’m now calling for fly for viper in UMvC3 like in the street fighter 4 movie lol.


I honestly wouldn’t buff her normals. There really isn’t any reason too. She was never the character to have great normals in SF4 anyways and that is how they wanted her in this game and her reward for getting those normals in are pretty good damage wise so I think they’re alright. She would be too OP anyways with better normals or better hitboxes. I could just imagine her BK/feint would be way too good then for instant overheads then.

I think the only thing you could do to de-buff the EX-seismo is drop the hitboxes on it and make the invincibility not work on hypers. Making invincibility not work on hypers is a good debuff. Because she can escape any fuck up with that move. And I believe you can jump cancel to block the rest of whatever hyper comes out. Other than that I wouldn’t do much to it.

How would you nerf the focus attack? make her take 2X the damage instead of 1.5X? making it slower would make any unblockable setups useless. It already has a decent few frames before invincibility kicks in (that is you can’t use it to absorb hits the frame right before it would hit you like in SF4) I guess you could require a focus attack be dash canceled before any EX.Seismo or any attack after like in SF4

this has gotta be the only character forum where people are discussing how they can debuff/nerf their character, lol

But yes, Viper needs to be given the ability to fly or at least float like storm does

Because only viper players realize just how stupid broke off her lactating tits this character actually is. Personally, I think Viper will be like fei-long, with Capcom accidentally buffing (or leaving alone)an already godlike character and nerfing those around her.

Also, viper can hang in the air for a long time with her BK fients.

Lastly, It’s worth noting that changes to damage scaling and meter gain (both of which have reportedly been nerfed) would affect viper’s sillyness in a significant way.

If they don’t directly interfere with the character then it will end up being like what happens to Viper in SSF4 and SSF4AE. Little to no changes to an already beast character

Decreasing the recovery on some of her laggier normals would be sufficient as unlike with her specials they’re incredibly comitted (Has often whiffed crouch B to someone back dashing only for them to super jump forward and air dash down with a normal and still be able to punish it because my retarded arse didn’t use a seismo.) It will have very little effect on the things that make her broken while making her more accessible.

For how to nerf EX seismo just make it take 2 bars, that’s all. It’s the best attack in the game currently and giving it that cost is kind of important. An alternate possibility is make EX seismo have a freeze akin to super so it’s easier for people to react to. Either one works.

As far as focus is concerned I’m unsure of the best nerf. likely just a few frames more to charge and remove either dash cancelling or special cancelling. I’d opt on the side of special cancelling as it means she’d still be able to do most stuff but it takes more execution and you need a frame or two of vulnerability before she’d be able to EX seismo forcing the much less safe emergency combination.

Why do you think her focus attack needs to be nerfed at all and “major nerfs”? From tournaments I’ve been watching she hasn’t been winning that often anyway.

The reason she need to be nerfed is she’s very breakable in her current state, fixing EX seismo and regular seismo is the most important thing. What tournaments are you watching/participating in that a legitimate Viper plays? At Starbase I take second to F-Champ primarily and at 8 on the Break Marlin pie varies between first and third regularly with impressive showings at some of the larger events as well. K-beast has done well at events too, in general if a competent Viper is playing they do better than the majority but the rarity of one playing reduces the chances of that.

EventHubs says Viper got a new move…Eventhubs isn’t always the most reliable source, but still, I’m sensing Fie-long-ification, bring on the buffs!

So Apparently Viper did get a new move.

Nitsuma said something to this effect

• Not all characters got new moves, some just got tweaks to their existing attacks. Moves were added or changed to balance out the game, not just to add/change moves. C. Viper did get a new move, though. Frame data for a lot of the characters has been tweaked.

:] Charged Seismos seems more of a reality!

From what I heard the new EX move is an anti-air move based off her heavy TK, and looks similar to Captain Corridor.

Lol at capcom, viper getting a new tool…