UMvC3 - List of Changes


Collecting all changes that can be seen through the official videos released by Capcom. Please add more if you see any and I will update the 1st post.

-Side Aerial Exchange now takes 1 Meter away from opponent
-Tron assist either has more start up or loss of invcibility
-Can now activate X factor off the ground
-DHC Glitch has been removed

STL Garbage VIII: Garbage 3.0 - DON'T SHAKE MY HAND!

• Ryu can do specials out of his Tatsu like an airdash
• Ryu can ricochet his Shinkuu Hadouken, it seems
• Ryu (again) may or may not have a powerup hyper (at one point, there’s a timer over his hyper bar and his eyes are glowing blue)
• Joe seemed to completely dodge Wolvie’s BSlash like in his games


Side aerial exchange subtracts meter from opponent.


Tron assist used in the video is boulder bandit not gustoff flame.

  • Wolverine had his speed nerf
  • Spencer has his Death from Above move from Bionic Commando
  • Taskmaster his a new follow up to shield skills.
  • Storm can use wind to pull in opponents a la Rachel Alucard from BB
  • X-factor activation time has been reduced


xf1 7 seconds
xf2 10 seconds

chris smg assist faster, bigger hitbox on shotgun


There’s your phoenix nerf folks.


This is honestly the stupidest thing possible. TAC was one of the few things that needed to be nerfed (along with XF and DHC Glitch) and they made it better. It’s really silly nonsense. Counter better actually do something now.


But wasn’t everyone complaining about meter being too free?


Damn man, I thought they were gonna make Aerial exchanges worse since it can be freaking hard to guess correctly (1/4 chance…really?) Man I already know im gonna hate this game, TAC’s were already beginner friendly as hell now you can subtract bar lol. Goodbye Phoenix though


Ummm, how is getting out of the combo not actually doing something?


A la Rachel? Storm’s had that move in X-men COTA.

Which vid does Ryu use that?

-Assumption based on Noble Cactus’s observation: Ryu has a Denjin mode super. Getting into Denjin mode seems to improve his moves and a meter can be seen over Ryu’s super bar here and here.

-Wesker’s health seems to be severely nerfed. At half health, he couldn’t survive Dante’s Lv. 3 Ultra. And he regenerated health pretty fast, which is a good hint of being low health.

-Wolverine has 100 hands moves called Swiss Cheese. Seen here @ 0:16 40s.

-Zero’s Charged buster no longer hard knockdown. Only soft. Seen here @ 0:23 05s

-Maybe it’s just me, but Dante’s Hammer trajectory seems altered. He seems to float a little down before he actually dives down with his hammer.

-Ryu has a Chargeable Hadouken using QCF+S. Fully Charged Hadouken is invisible, travels really fast, wallbounce on hit, and deals a decent amount of chip damage. This version of hadouken when uncharged is slow and dissipates mid-screen.Uncharged seen here @0:42 12s. Fully charged seen here @0:42 17s

-Ryu has a charged DP move called Hadou Shoryuken. Seen here @ 0:42:12s

-Ironman’s Unibeam startup reduced.Seen here @ 0:59:27s

-Ironman’s Forward Airdash seem to start off slower, but can travel further and begin to accelerate. Down-forward airdash travels more downwards than forward and has a slight curve movement. Down-back airdash travels more downward and has a slightly curved movement Seen here@ 0:00 56 s

-She-hulk’s cr.H seems slower and travels shorter. Seen here @ 0:23 17s

-Arthur’s Goddess Bracelet projectile speed is increased. Seen here @ 0:34 33s

-Magneto has a new move which I’ll call “Magnetic Control”. It has 3 variations. Attraction is the same move shown in the trailer shown here. Repulsion pushes the opponent back. Gravitation pulls the opponent directly down. Seen here @ 0:45 55s

-Storm has a new move that controls enemies’ movement like Magneto’s “Magnetic Control”. Seen here @ 0:40 52s


Floe is at the capcom event/stream. Some of the changes he’s found.



DHC Glitch is gone…

Dark Wesker seems to be still in full effect.


For Strider:

  • DP+P causes hard knock down
  • teleport kick (air-to-air), off-the-wall-kick, and QCF+P cause ground bounce
  • can also combo off of air-to-ground teleport kick


I’m not sure about the TAC taking away meter - this video has TAC against Capt America and the meter doesn’t go down. I think its best everyone waits to see whats what when its not in development.


Akuma assist debuffed. Seems to not last as long and you recover in the air. No more of the easiest hit confirms into full combos


From the character trailer Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken can bounce of walls, which a lot may know
also Ryu’s Spin Kick Super has a tornado with lightning bolt effect, don’t know if the lightning bolt can strike assists


Someone was trying the Dante BnB earlier 6H Bold Cancel 623B 5B 236B 5H (land) and on the next heavy they were almost too far to launch. Guy missed it like 6 or 7 times


So Ryu has a new hadouken that looks like it is charged and is a burst, and has an invisible hitbox(?) like Takuma in some of the KOFs.
Ryu also has a new shoryuken. “Hadoushoryuken” Some semi- Koryu shit going on here.

Also his hadouken seems a lot smaller than before.


Ryu has this weird Hadou-Splosion move. He extends his arms like a hadouken but you don’t see any effect, the opponent just gets hit o_O.
Ryu has …Hadou-Shoryuken? Im guessing he cancels his hadou
Magneto has a new magnet type move, pulls people in like Storms
Akuma’s tatsu does not knockdown anymore, they flip out
Wesker got a pretty big health nerf (Not sure about this, but pretty sure)
Everyone got a damage increase, or a lot of chars got HP Nerfs o_o

They nerfed a bunch it seems too, I heard someone say Tron’s assist got beaten by Spidermans Web special…Akuma’s tatsu not as good anymore, Magneto dissraptharr slower, his dash slower. Sorry if mentioned already

Oh and im calling it , Nerf Strider lol. New dante