UMvC3 M.O.D.O.K. changes/notes



Hey guys, there hasn’t been a lot of activity here lately but with umvc3 announced we should start the hype for the next generation of trolling. This is what was listed on the front page as the official marvel side changes. It seems like all of the changes for each character was not listed, so we will have to wait until the game drops until we get more concrete info:

  • Jump attacks can be cancelled by air dashes
  • Killer illumination is now mashable
  • u/b and d/b airdashes now cancellable
    +/- TAC combos still in but easier to counter
  • unblock flight glitch still in

unknown/deconfirmed: Meter stealing abilities, LOU-powered specials tweaks

Here are also the general umvc3 system changes as I see them pertaining to MODOK relative to the rest of the cast:

[details=Spoiler]1 – X-Factor can be activated in the air. Favorable. Better off than most characters since MODOK has an air super and multiple air based strategies/options
2 – The attack and speed increases for each character while in X-Factor have been adjusted. Additionally, the damage reduction minimum while in X-Factor has been decreased from 50% in MvC3 to 35% in UMvC3, and Hyper Combos performed during X-Factor will now be subject to damage scaling. Neutral. X-factor change remains to be seen. Hopefully he has reasonably increased damage, speed and length compared to the rest of the cast
3 – An upward exchange (this was sideways exchange in previous builds, and may be a translation error) during an Air Combo will take away 1 bar of your opponent’s HC Gauge. Neutral. This is an across the board change that affects almost all characters equally, except those with ‘unescapeable’ TAC combos.
4 – When you launch the enemy in the air with a Special Attack, hold the button down and your character will automatically super jump to follow the launched opponent. (This can be turned on or off in the Options menu.) Neutral.
5 – The window for Aerial Exchange Counters has been adjusted, making it easier to land one. Neutral/Slightly Unfavorable. Lessens the frequency of MODOKs TAC cube combos if able to visually confirm and counter most TAC attempts.
6 – If you land a Snap Back attack on an assist character, similar to the landing it on the point character, the assist will become unavailable for a short period of time. Neutral.
7 – It will no longer be possible to block during an air dash. Neutral/Slightly Unfavorable. Definite loss, however, Modok will be the only character that is able to bypass this with his flight mode startup frames able to block attacks. It. does not completely eliminate threats in every situation, but definitely able to block random supers on reaction when flight is available.
8 – The rate of HC Meter gain has been decreased by 10%, to 90% of what it was in MvC3. *** Neutral.***
9 – In MvC3, the amount of hit stun caused by assists was fixed, but in UMvC3 hit stun caused by assists will also be subject to hit stun deterioration during combos. *** Neutral.***
10 – For characters who have 8-way dashes, the speed on their down-back air dash has been slightly decreased. ***Neutral/Slightly Unfavorable. Combined with the loss of airblocking during airdashes, defensive airdashes for positioning could be much more difficult.***[/details]

Anything else we able to confirm?


I heard he might have become a little slower overall? Claims of slower/faster things like this are often just people imagining things… I hope this is the case here as well. Air S-Blaster also sounds like it could be a hilariously trivial buff.

Is the exchange combo now gone? If so, It’s likely a nerf to the way exchanges handle hitstun, rather than a direct nerf to Modok… because I don’t see how they could get rid of it otherwise. Not unless they cut Modok’s flight time in half or something.

I was kind of hoping they’d just leave him alone, and maybe up his health a bit.


I’m not sure of any changes with M.O.D.O.K. Just givin this thread some activity because I really would love to see this character become tourny worthy. Granted there have been a couple players using him. But lets be honest, he IS the hardest character to use in the game currently. Yea, I did all his trials and messed around with him in training mode finding some cool combos but as soon as you try and use him in a real match or hell a tourny you get blown the fuck up by people goin ballz to the wallz with there main characters.

Nuthin frustates me more when tryin to play this character and you face someone like say Wolverine who is doing BnB combos on you making the player think they are God at the game when you are just trying to learn and become better with this character.

I honestly hope they do something to help draw more or at least some attention to him. He does deserve it. (Especially since I saw his alt outfit with that Elvis hairstyle lol)


I hope they don’t touch him. Hopefully people don’t figure him out in the next couple of months so capcom devs can’t find a reason to nerf him. I honestly would just like to keep the character in obscurity rather than him becoming the next Dante. If this does become a wishlist thread, then I would like it if he got an improvement on his low jab. I think that would be an improvement without making him overpowered. I think his health is fine, and him having only one low hitting move is fine.


The real bummer is that since so few of us actually play Modok, it’s going to be real hard to find anyone to test out stuff at these demo events.

So… If anyone of you guys get the chance, don’t pass it up!! haha


I think the ultimate way for MODOK to be stronger would be simply eliminate/Nerf the threats of Vanilla MVC3. The fact that Wolverine, Magneto, Phoenix, and Dante are all losing their crazy stupid tools is quite a good thing. Capcom hopefully should fix the issues of his jump flight mode would be probably nice too.

Really MODOK isn’t honestly a character that needs buff as much as Haggar, Captain America,Hsien-Ko,etc. Those character deserve some more than just being an assist character.


I forgot to say. I think if they slow him down then he might just become a keep away character which would be unfortunate. Also, I’ll be going to evo next week and hopefully I get to play Ultimate and ill try to post things i notice. Maybe, I’ll see some of you guys there?


^ Will it be playable at Evo? I thought it was just going to be a display sort of thing…

I’ll be there though… what should I test for if I get the chance?


I was going to check if he is slower and if his IAD moves got nerfed. That’s the first thing that concerns me. I dunno maybe flight mode changes. If flight mode still cancels pushblock (this might be hard to test lol)


good lord I hope modok is not any slower, especially in the air. I hope it was just someone not used to using him in a match, lol. I’m hoping for atleast some improved normals/specials or a useful new move. If they do decide to make him purely a zoning character they will have to tweak him a bit to increase his ranged damage due to the nature of hyper psionic blaster. Mostly, I agree that modok will be improved just by nerfing the tops. Wolverine is going to have some fun trying to get around slime and cubes with no invincibility on berserker slash, lol.

as for the exchange glitch I referred to, I have heard that the “exchange glitch is gone” from a few sources. I am not sure if this is the “whiff glitch” like She-Hulk’s relaunch or the “hitstun glitch”. If it includes the latter, then modok, sent, chun, and mags all got hit harder than the rest cause they had the most options with no hitstun. anyone able to clarify this?

to the guys planning on playing ultimate, try this:
-flight mode time
-exchange combos
-airdash loops
-any new low attacks?
-slime otg the same? still linger for a low attack on the ground?
-hitbox on j.M bigger to hit smaller crouching characters?
-hitbox on s.M bigger to hit smaller crouching characters?
-hitbox on c.L bigger to hit smaller crouching characters?
-new S attacks or properties?
-random inputs to find new moves, lol

p.s. good luck trying anything against everyone going for broke with strider/ghost rider/firebrand etc…


I’ll be at Evo, but I’m not playing MvC3 do too budget constraints (I’ll likely be drinking and BSing too much to play and my versus experience is limited nowadays due to time constraints). I’ll def be playing and testing on Ultimate. Funniest thing is the one video I saw of MODOK tha was supposed to be to developers playing the game had MODOK not do ANYTHING like he never touched the game before! Doesn’t bode well for us lol
It would be funny if Modok could put his shield up in the air :slight_smile:


^It would be funnier if MODOK has a shield that blocks above his head. That would be the ultimate troll move.


Check to see if MODOK’s glitch where he can get hit out of his low flight even while you’re holding up back is still there. To this day, that glitch just pisses me off beyond belief.

Also, if MODOK has any new moves, they would likely be either a RDP input or a charge motion (lol) since he has all other motions covered.

Speaking of the S blaster, I really wish that move could be buffed to the point of being actually usable. As Nos99 said, the ability to use it in the air is just totally unnecessary since it still doesn’t solve the problem of the move’s effectiveness. Like instead of causing grounded opponents to stagger when they get hit as it is now in vanilla, have S blaster crumple grounded opponents and cause hard knockdown to airborne opponents. That would give MODOK enough time to dash up with OTG slime and start a combo. If you’re going to burn a LoU, it has to be at least worth something to merit a LoU.


yeah samesies. that and they banned pad play and on top of that I’m an xbox player so it was just too much. I’ll try to play you when you’re there. Shouldn’t be too hard to find the only other modok players lol


This will be hard to test for I think, because it will take cooperation from the other guy… I suppose the easiest way would be to have them spam projectiles while we hold down-back and then try to up-back right before it hits us. If we get hit at all, it’s still there.

As for the effect itself, I honestly don’t think they’ll remove it if they leave his normal fly startup the same (airborne instantly). He would be a chicken blocking MONSTER otherwise (but maybe that wouldn’t be so bad in a game as crazy as MAHVEL?). If I see Seth around, I have to try and ask him wtf is up with the whole no-block effect of his normal fly (you guys should too! Think we could ask at the panel? lol) It’s pretty crippling. Just give him some prejump already like everyone else and fix it… being airborne instantly is useless in this game if you can’t block.

To be fair, we haven’t seen the move, so who knows… but if it’s just a slower version of air H-Blaster, that’s pretty lame. It would be cool if they were faster than regular blasters, and they could be low damage and no stagger, I don’t care, just make it *useful, *right?


He better have new moves…



I would like to see some sort of buff with the S blaster. It lacks any form of reward for its massive amount of startup and loss of 1 LoA.


best, most unrealistic outcome: two cubes on screen at once.

most likely outcome (besides updated air S blaster) : slightly more cr. M puddle time.

worst outcome: less fly time.


What i’d like to see that won’t happen:

Buffed general shield: Have it take less time to come out or allow more than 1 shield to be set.
Buffed LOU shield (if it blocked supers it would be the SEX)
Buffed Cubes: Just more damage is all I ask, or maybe make a shorter requirement to get to MAX POWER say 7
Buffed Slime: Duration really.

Make it so if you’re standing under MODOKS rocket chair you take chip damage.


You’ll be happy to learn then this is already possible! :slight_smile: